Sunday, August 28, 2011

That Time Again

I've been asking my husband all day if I have to go back to school tomorrow. He keeps looking at me like I'm crazy. So I had to explain. I love teaching but having the summer off is just so relaxing, and I get in the habit of reading and taking naps. Not to mention I now have to break my tv addiction that I get every summer! All the more reason to get pregnant soon :) But really and truly, when school starts, it's just another sign that summer is ending. Which means cold weather is coming and the year is winding down. Talk about depressing thoughts! Now that I've cheered everyone up....

Everything just gets crazy at this time of year. And it really doesn't slow down until January. So I appreciate the summer and enjoy the hot weather. Mainly because I can't stand the cold or the snow! I like snow days but I don't like snow, go figure. My husband is the complete opposite. He loves the cold weather, loves snow, loves rain. Me, I like "perfect" days. Good thing we live in a state where we can get a little bit of both.

I was just outside enjoying the weather and imagining we have another week of summer left. Which we don't. But it doesn't hurt to imagine. I have to say that having a Sunday before Monday is wonderful idea! Church was amazing today. One thing that stood out was the theme of obedience. So many people in this world complain about rules but at the same time they want to be happy. Well, we can't be happy without rules. That's the way it works. Obeying rules because we choose to, is what brings us true happiness. I wish my students would obey the classroom rules simply because they had respect and they wanted to. Not because they're afraid of punishment. Heavenly Father wants us to obey His rules because He knows we can find happiness there. We can't say we want happiness and then do the opposite of what God asks. Life doesn't work that way. We might have temporary happiness but it will never bring us the true happiness we desire. I know that for a fact.

So, follow the rules and be happy. And someone please tell me I don't have to go to school tomorrow! I'm thinking I shouldn't wish that however. Every time I wish for something along those lines, something goes wrong. We've already had an earthquake and a hurricane in the last week. I think I'm done with natural disasters for awhile. Let's hold off for a month at least.

Enjoy your last bit of summer. Spend time with your children and help them get excited about school tomorrow! I want happy kids in my class!

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  1. Good luck today! I'm sure you are doing great! :)