Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shaking up the school year

Well, this is me. I can never ever have a normal school year or a normal anything for that matter! I think odd and strange events seem to follow me. Losing the flight crew right before the flight, brakes going out on the plane, llamas escaping the BYU-Ag center, car wreck and subsequent fire on TRAX, crazy snow storms, fires in L.A., unexpected earthquake the week I'm preparing my classroom. Maybe I'm some kind of magnet for bad events or something like that. Or it could be I happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But someone should seriously warn people when they're with me that these kinds of things happen.

It was supposed to be a nice normal day full of me getting my classroom ready for the Open House on Thursday. Instead it was me running around like crazy making sure I had everything I needed. One small blessing, got the notebooks I needed for free! Then came the meeting about math (I don't teach math by the way, but I still had to be there) and the meeting about science (I also don't teach science). Thankfully they were short and painless.

Finally have my Welcome board designed. Since I'm on a tight tight budget this school year, I had to be creative and not buy any of it. So everything is done by hand. We all know I'm not an artist by any means, I just pretend to be! I'm good at faking although it was a lot easier when I taught second grade because the kids told me I was an amazing artist. Now the kids laugh along with me and making guesses as to what I'm drawing. Usually wrong guesses of course. Anyways, we will be "Catch a Wave into 5th Grade!" The two things I was worried about making, palm trees and surfboards managed to be fairly easy. Art teacher had two palm trees and I found a surfboard template online that I spent time tracing today. Now I have to get names on the surfboards and staple them to the board.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be busy planning for next week. I also realized today that I don't have space for 29 students in my room. Well, I have space for the students but I had to rearrange quite bit. This is going to be an interesting year. Very interesting year.

Got wonderful news about my class from last year as far as state testing goes. So I'm feeling pretty good. And in the middle of being told this wonderful news, the fake walls of my classroom started shaking slightly and everything felt like a huge gust of wind blew through the school. Of course it couldn't be something normal like a gust of wind. Earthquake. That's always loads of fun let me tell you. It's funny though cause I do get excited about earthquakes for some reason. Probably because I've never had anything bad happen. I'd better go knock on wood right about now because next time I'm in an earthquake, something worse will happen. I apologize to everyone around me in advance.

And now it's time to review the Language Arts curriculum and get my Social Studies ready to go for the school year. Be safe out there. Getting ready for school is dangerous business. Tomorrow I shall have a picture of the amazing bulletin board. You can decide for yourselves if I'm an artist!


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