Friday, April 27, 2012

Monkey gets a name!!

After much debating and going back and forth, we've got our name for Monkey! He will be Keith Ruben. It's strange now finally decided on a name instead of calling him Monkey. Poor guy will be confused since now my husband has taken to calling him Keith Monkey. So now he has the perfect blend of a Mexican-American name! If only we could get the nursery finished. That however requires my husband not working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. As soon as that happens then we'll be all set. Well, minus all the stuff we still have to buy. So many things to do and get ready for yikes!!! The time is flying!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Monkey!

So the last few weeks have been quite crazy getting ready for Monkey. We're debating between a few names but we still end up calling him Monkey. Poor guy isn't going to know his own name but that's ok. Got Ruben to come and register at Target the other weekend which was really exciting. Getting a guy into a store for a registry is a little crazy to begin with but once I got him in there, I couldn't get him out! Anything with a monkey got put on our registry once he realized how much monkey stuff was in the store. I truly hope this little boy loves monkeys or he's going to think his parents are crazy. Which we are but that's not the point. Paint colors are picked out but we have to buy them. And I have to say that yard sales are a new mom's best friend. Went out the last two weekends and found all kinds of great stuff. As Ruben puts it "Monkey va a ser bien vestido!" That's very true. He's got some great clothes in all sizes. And we got a great deal on a glider so I'm thrilled. A million things left to do but it'll all get done.

Had another appointment today with the doctor and of course I get to go back and do the rest of my anatomy scan since Monkey wouldn't let us see his kidneys or lower spine. Calling tomorrow to make the appointment and I'm excited to see Monkey again. We realized after analyzing the pictures that Monkey has Ruben's nose and ears and my cheeks and chin. The perfect combination of the two of us! I couldn't be more thrilled. His heartbeat was great today and he didn't swim away from the doppler but he kept hitting hit with his fist. I'm finally starting to feel him moving around. My students also told me I no longer look fat but it looks like I have a baby in there. Makes me feel great :) What they don't realize is that everything has shifted so what they think is the baby is my stomach and everything else!

I can't believe how fast the time is going. I'm over 5 months now and can't believe in a few short months we'll get to see our little boy!

Monday, April 9, 2012

And we have...

A baby boy! It feels so real now even though it was real before. But today watching the baby on the screen was pretty cool. And let me say, my child has some moves! Stayed in a V position the whole time but waving those arms and legs like crazy. So now all the planning and stuff starts happening. Hubby can start painting and I can start decorating! And we get to register. Here you get to see his cute little face with a nose just like hubbys! And the bottom one lets us know that yep we got a boy!

Well, I need to start cooking again soon and post some recipes. Made some cute cupcakes for us to celebrate with. I make them intending to share but we end up eating them between the two of us! So life is good but now I go back to teaching tomorrow since Spring Break is over. I wish it didn't go so quickly. It's a long time until my next holiday break!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Tomorrow is the big day! Well, the day we find out how Ruben is going to paint the nursery :) I'll be finding out while he's at work since he can't get off so no one else will hear about it until after he comes home and I tell him. Which means my mom and little sister can't say a word so no asking them either! It's been a busy few weeks planning and thinking. We're incredibly excited and hoping the baby isn't stubborn tomorrow. Then we can get busy registering and painting. I keep going back and forth about boy or girl but Ruben is set on girl. I'm fine either way. All I know is I'm going to have a lot of work!

Today is Easter. What a wonderful day to celebrate Christ's Atonement for us. And the Resurrection. Because of His gift, we all can live again and be reunited with our bodies after this life. And with our families. Such a beautiful promise we have been given. They talked a lot today at church about that gift we have. All of us have the opportunity to be with our families again and have a perfected, glorified body. What a marvelous blessing for each one of us.

I'm sitting here trying to sleep but lately the baby keeps me up most nights tossing and turning. As Ruben puts it "you have a crazy little monkey in there" So I should do my homework these nights when I can't sleep but I can't seem to get motivated. Tomorrow is the last day of my break so I'll do it as soon as I wake up and then I'll relax while I do laundry. Yeah great way to spend the last day of Spring Break I know but hey you do what you gotta do. I wonder where life will take us the next few months. Not much time til school lets out so I have to send home my Spanish class letters this week so I can have a class this summer.

Have a fabulous evening everyone and there will be another post tomorrow with an update and pictures hopefully!