Sunday, April 8, 2012


Tomorrow is the big day! Well, the day we find out how Ruben is going to paint the nursery :) I'll be finding out while he's at work since he can't get off so no one else will hear about it until after he comes home and I tell him. Which means my mom and little sister can't say a word so no asking them either! It's been a busy few weeks planning and thinking. We're incredibly excited and hoping the baby isn't stubborn tomorrow. Then we can get busy registering and painting. I keep going back and forth about boy or girl but Ruben is set on girl. I'm fine either way. All I know is I'm going to have a lot of work!

Today is Easter. What a wonderful day to celebrate Christ's Atonement for us. And the Resurrection. Because of His gift, we all can live again and be reunited with our bodies after this life. And with our families. Such a beautiful promise we have been given. They talked a lot today at church about that gift we have. All of us have the opportunity to be with our families again and have a perfected, glorified body. What a marvelous blessing for each one of us.

I'm sitting here trying to sleep but lately the baby keeps me up most nights tossing and turning. As Ruben puts it "you have a crazy little monkey in there" So I should do my homework these nights when I can't sleep but I can't seem to get motivated. Tomorrow is the last day of my break so I'll do it as soon as I wake up and then I'll relax while I do laundry. Yeah great way to spend the last day of Spring Break I know but hey you do what you gotta do. I wonder where life will take us the next few months. Not much time til school lets out so I have to send home my Spanish class letters this week so I can have a class this summer.

Have a fabulous evening everyone and there will be another post tomorrow with an update and pictures hopefully!

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