Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And for your viewing pleasure...

May I present: Monkey's nursery! Well, most of the nursery. We still need a dresser and I want to add some more decor but the crib is up and I even made a handpainted sign by myself!
This is the crib with the sign I made. Light is bad right now since the sun is shining in the window.

Here's the crib with two amazing blankets. The one on the top was made by  friend at school and the other in the crib by my fabulous mom!

This is as crafty as I get! I bought wood letters and a monkey along with a wood block and painted them to match the room.

Here's the crib right after we put it together last night. 

And our yard sale glider. One downstairs would be great but I'll make due with one for the moment :)

There you have it! Monkey's bedroom. I have some cute little things I want to add but that will have to wait. Now I need to clean up the bags that are in there. Well, I'm off to enjoy cheesy hash browns and leftover chicken! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sleepless nights

I have a new picture to post and my bump is slowly growing. This little guy enjoys hiding up in my ribs and behind everything which poses some problems for sure. Like the post says I can't get comfortable at night. On the plus side, the little guy enjoys moving around at night so I get to watch and feel him move which is really nice. You think it would mean I get a ton of homework finish but no I don't. I just end up laying there and trying to sleep. Maybe I should do homework at night because it might turn out better than my homework during the day.

Another good thing about sleepless nights, I get to watch whatever I want on tv. Granted, there isn't much on   once hubby goes to bed around 10:30 ish. We did get another receiver upstairs in our bedroom so I can actually stay in bed and watch tv. Hubby falls asleep to my cooking shows :) Hopefully his dreams aren't too affected by them although dreaming about food might not be so bad! I certainly get plenty of ideas from there and my new addiction of Pinterest! Got some amazing recipes and I'm enjoying all the cooking. I just need some great ideas for things I can freeze so we don't have to cook when the baby comes.

I attempted to put the crib together this morning, but ran into some complications. First of all, I'm impressed that I was able to figure out the directions alone. It's more than halfway finished too which is great. I just have a huge box now in hallway that I have to get rid of. Ran into a slight problem when I realized that I can't put the bedspring part in by myself. I certainly did try and it ended with some rather amusing results. If someone had been filming me, you all would have some great laughs. I need a second person to finish putting it together so hopefully my hubby gets home with some energy to put a crib together :) As soon as it's finished, I'll put some more pictures up. I've got great ideas for some decorations as well. Luckily the whole nesting thing is kicking in and I'm full of energy to clean and get things done. Someone should document this because me cleaning all the time is a rare sight.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

28 weeks and counting

My how time has flown! Little Monkey is growing quite a bit, and we can't believe that I'm 28 weeks this week. Had my appointment today and I've graduated to every two weeks at the doctor. Thank goodness this is happening in the summer and not while school is in session. I think that might set me over the edge honestly. As it is I'm busy trying to stay focused on my class for the next ten weeks. That should make the time go by pretty quick.

I also had the joy of my glucose screening today. Luckily my dad could kind of give me a heads up about it so I was a little prepared. The drink wasn't too bad but no one told me I had to drink it in five minutes and it would give me horrific heartburn. Yeah not so cool. I still don't look too pregnant just fat which is depressing cause it would be nice to have some good pictures of a baby bump. However Monkey has decided to stay hidden behind everything. We'll see how it plays out over the next few weeks and if anything changes.

I'm trying to figure out the whole nursery right now and need to finish it. Well, we need to put up the crib that's in a box leaning against the wall. Oh and to put up the decorations that we don't have yet. And buy a dresser. Yep lots to do. I'm excited to have it finished and hopefully that will happen over the next two weeks or so. That's my plan anyway. Also, to start cooking some dinners and freeze them. The problem with being married to a Mexican? Everything is pretty much made fresh. That's a good thing except when you're going to have a baby and your husband can only cook eggs and grill meat. So I need to freeze something that  he'll eat. Gotta get the spice in there somehow. Time to do some pondering. The pancake experiment will take place this weekend I believe. Heading to the store tomorrow to see what I can wrangle up. Hopefully I will have pictures to post of the yummy goodness!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What was I thinking?

Tomorrow is the last day of school for teachers. I'm happy the school year has come to an end with all the chaos that has happened this school year both there and in my life. However, it's always bittersweet. I will honestly miss all of my students this year. My class was wonderful and we had some great times. Onto the title of this post. I was thinking of a nice relaxing summer with just my two sessions of Spanish class. Then I made a decision that changed all of that. I decided to go on a job interview for an internal transfer in May. I'm not sure what was going through my mind at that point other than I was unhappy and needed to make some changes. I certainly didn't know if I would get the job especially being pregnant and due at the beginning of the school year. I learned that Heavenly Father knows what He's doing and He knows what we need even when we think we're just making crazy decisions. I ended up getting the job! If it was just switching schools that would be easy. But I don't do things the easy way. Ask my parents, my husband, shoot, ask anyone who's known me for more than five minutes! I'm helping to open a new Montessori charter school and I'll be teaching 1st - 3rd graders Spanish. Do I know much about Montessori? Well, I wrote some papers in college, and I've done some research on it but that's the extent of my experience. Either the people who hired me are crazy or they have a lot of faith in me to pick it up quickly. I agree with the basic concepts so I'm excited to see how it all comes together. Now, we have me switching grades, subjects, schools and you think that would be all right? Nope. I just started another class for my masters. It ends in August pretty much right before Monkey is due to be born. So now I'm hoping that he stays in for that long and doesn't decide to come early otherwise I'm in big trouble. Add in two sessions of Spanish class (for which there are still several openings so contact me if your kids want to join!) and I have a pretty crazy summer. I have to somehow schedule in some time to relax and set up Monkey's bedroom. I'm hoping all of this happens. Plus I decided to set some cooking goals for myself. First on the list is pancakes. I'm hoping to create a good recipe for s'mores pancakes. I've read several but they don't quite match what I want to accomplish. My husband enjoys being my guinea pig since it means he gets more food. While I ponder my recipe, it's time to finalize topics for Spanish and eat some watermelon since Monkey wants some fruit. If only I could find some good jicama I would be all set!