Thursday, June 14, 2012

28 weeks and counting

My how time has flown! Little Monkey is growing quite a bit, and we can't believe that I'm 28 weeks this week. Had my appointment today and I've graduated to every two weeks at the doctor. Thank goodness this is happening in the summer and not while school is in session. I think that might set me over the edge honestly. As it is I'm busy trying to stay focused on my class for the next ten weeks. That should make the time go by pretty quick.

I also had the joy of my glucose screening today. Luckily my dad could kind of give me a heads up about it so I was a little prepared. The drink wasn't too bad but no one told me I had to drink it in five minutes and it would give me horrific heartburn. Yeah not so cool. I still don't look too pregnant just fat which is depressing cause it would be nice to have some good pictures of a baby bump. However Monkey has decided to stay hidden behind everything. We'll see how it plays out over the next few weeks and if anything changes.

I'm trying to figure out the whole nursery right now and need to finish it. Well, we need to put up the crib that's in a box leaning against the wall. Oh and to put up the decorations that we don't have yet. And buy a dresser. Yep lots to do. I'm excited to have it finished and hopefully that will happen over the next two weeks or so. That's my plan anyway. Also, to start cooking some dinners and freeze them. The problem with being married to a Mexican? Everything is pretty much made fresh. That's a good thing except when you're going to have a baby and your husband can only cook eggs and grill meat. So I need to freeze something that  he'll eat. Gotta get the spice in there somehow. Time to do some pondering. The pancake experiment will take place this weekend I believe. Heading to the store tomorrow to see what I can wrangle up. Hopefully I will have pictures to post of the yummy goodness!

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