Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sleepless nights

I have a new picture to post and my bump is slowly growing. This little guy enjoys hiding up in my ribs and behind everything which poses some problems for sure. Like the post says I can't get comfortable at night. On the plus side, the little guy enjoys moving around at night so I get to watch and feel him move which is really nice. You think it would mean I get a ton of homework finish but no I don't. I just end up laying there and trying to sleep. Maybe I should do homework at night because it might turn out better than my homework during the day.

Another good thing about sleepless nights, I get to watch whatever I want on tv. Granted, there isn't much on   once hubby goes to bed around 10:30 ish. We did get another receiver upstairs in our bedroom so I can actually stay in bed and watch tv. Hubby falls asleep to my cooking shows :) Hopefully his dreams aren't too affected by them although dreaming about food might not be so bad! I certainly get plenty of ideas from there and my new addiction of Pinterest! Got some amazing recipes and I'm enjoying all the cooking. I just need some great ideas for things I can freeze so we don't have to cook when the baby comes.

I attempted to put the crib together this morning, but ran into some complications. First of all, I'm impressed that I was able to figure out the directions alone. It's more than halfway finished too which is great. I just have a huge box now in hallway that I have to get rid of. Ran into a slight problem when I realized that I can't put the bedspring part in by myself. I certainly did try and it ended with some rather amusing results. If someone had been filming me, you all would have some great laughs. I need a second person to finish putting it together so hopefully my hubby gets home with some energy to put a crib together :) As soon as it's finished, I'll put some more pictures up. I've got great ideas for some decorations as well. Luckily the whole nesting thing is kicking in and I'm full of energy to clean and get things done. Someone should document this because me cleaning all the time is a rare sight.


  1. You're so cute! If I was closer I would totally come help you! Good luck!

  2. You're amazing! I would totally wait and make him put the crib together!

  3. Awwwh! Cute photo! :) You're getting close!