Thursday, July 24, 2014

Moving On

Monkey will be 2 next month! I can't believe how quickly the time flies. And I will be going back to work as well. I love teaching, and I have truly missed it. I cannot wait to get back into the classroom (with yet another new principal at my school), but I will miss being with the two monkeys all day long. We go a bit crazy some days when Carmen decides naps aren't a fun thing and Monkey decides to break every possible rule he can to see if I'm going to put him in time out or let it slide (answer: time out every time otherwise he runs with that freedom and the house becomes a tornado).

Trial run of my going back starts with an all day class every day next week. This could be an adventure for sure. I haven't been away from them all day since Carmen was born in January. I'm excited to see some friends at class but I'm also glad we have two weeks after that to be able to enjoy a bit more summer before I hit the ground running with teaching. Staying at home has been a balance. Going to the grocery store for quick trips? We do great as long as it's early in the morning. Anything more than 10 minutes or so and Monkey goes a bit crazy.

Monkey also starts preschool two days a week this fall. I'm worried about his separation anxiety and how he will do especially since it will be grandma dropping him off not us. I do know he loves the school and is excited. Well, I say excited but I'm not sure how much he understands what will be happening.

Carmen is her crazy self as always. Still no bottles for her unless forced. Although I have to go back to the lovely pump next week. Par for the course. Being able to breastfeed her these last 6 months and have very few issues has been awesome. Compared to pumping the whole time with Monkey, it's been a breeze.

I've been planning Monkey's party and thinking back to his birth. I can't believe it was really almost two years ago. I'll do more reminiscing of that as it gets closer. Right now I'm figuring out how to plan a barn animal party.

Monkey is an explosion of words and opinions lately. This morning as I'm getting ready and brushing my teeth, he decides to come to the bathroom, slam the door shut and shout bye bye while running away laughing. I open it to see him with an impish grin saying again? And finally he's stopped calling me Robyn. That's a nice change :) I get called "mudda" or "mom!" as loud as possible. He loves learning new things and observing or doing something over and over until he perfects it. That's my Montessori boy! Shapes are his new thing and he has to say them in English and in Spanish. He also loves counting as he goes down the steps with Daddy. Doing the dishes is another favorite. I'm so glad he loves doing them. I love how he "helps" Carmen sleep by shouting shhhhhh sleep! as loud as he can and then looks bewildered when she wakes up crying. We need to work on that so Carmen can actually have a peaceful nap :)

He has a best friend R. thanks to his Aunt Mylissa. Monkey loves playing with R and E as much as possible and asks for them all the time. His OT sessions have been going great and Monkey is learning some great techniques to help him calm down.

Carmen started using a cup the other day and loves it! So much so that she wants to drink from it all the time.

Guess who loves green beans? This lady! Along with any other food we let her eat.

This is us in the morning. That will be changing soon as we get ready to go back to work and need to be out the door at the time we usually wake up.

Monkey at Discovery Station. He had a blast at this kids museum where he could touch everything.

Yes, those are candles. Yes, he's sitting beside them. The candles go everywhere with Monkey. Almost like a stuffed animal except they smell nice.

Nap time. My favorite!

A rare quite nap when Daddy is home to play with Keith.

Monkey going to the river and not wanting to leave. He loves agua!

Coloring is his new favorite! I love when he scribbles on the paper and then shouts ooohh wow!

Uncle Will convinced he can hold two babies and play a video game at the same time!

Happy girl!

A rare nap time after a meltdown. He wouldn't stop screaming and when I got him calmed down I told him I was going to make his lunch. Odd that he didn't follow me to the kitchen. I go back to the living room to find this.

He loves his sister. A little too much sometimes :)