Thursday, August 30, 2012

Miracles and prayers

Well, little Monkey was born yesterday. I woke up to go to the bathroom around 4am and got back into bed having a few contractions. Didn't think anything of it because well, that had been happening every time I went to the bathroom at night. I rolled over and suddenly discovered we would be leaving for the hospital right away. I've never seen hubby move so fast. I thought I wouldn't want an epidural but well, I'm a wimp. I should have known since I can't handle any pain at all. But let me tell you, that epidural made it great! I felt amazing. Ask my mom or hubby. They thought I was crazy considering all the pain I was in earlier and then I was smiling and joking. Pretty much up until I had to push. So Monkey was born and is seriously the cutest baby ever! We are thrilled. We got to our room around midnight with Monkey and I fed him. He was up pretty much most of the night crying and wanting to eat. He stopped when we held him though. The nurse came in close to 9 am to check on him and told me she needed to take him to the nursery because his breathing was too fast and his temp was low. She said it was normal and he might just need some time to warm up. They called to our room an hour later saying they needed to feed him a bottle because his blood sugar was too low. I went to feed him while hubby decided to nap. When I didn't come back in 30 minutes he came to find me. I got there and it turns out the NICU doctor was called. Monkey's sugar wasn't going up and he refused to eat. They took him to the NICU and hubby and I proceeded to freak out. Luckily when they let us go see him an hour later, he looked totally different. Monkey wasn't crying and he was totally relaxed. Plus his color was better. The hard part is seeing him hooked up to all the IVs and machines. He still doesn't want to eat but his sugar levels are great right now. As soon as he starts eating we'll be able to work towards getting him home. It's so hard to see him like this but we know they're taking care of him. We go home tomorrow and will be spending our free time here with Monkey until he comes home. Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers. We really appreciate it. My family has been amazing coming to the hospital and bringing food and helping us to stay busy. Natalie and Elvis are great at getting us food and just checking in on us! There are so many of you we need to thank! We will keep you posted on his progress. One good thing: He's the biggest baby in the NICU and the only full term baby they have right now.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Made it Through!

One school day down, how many more do I have left? I think today was much more exhausting that any other first day of school in 8 years of teaching. After thinking this, I realize that my next child needs to be born in April or May so that I miss the end of the school year and then have the whole summer to be with the baby. Not to mention I don't have to be 39 weeks pregnant while trying to teach 30 first through third graders routines and how a Montessori school works. Just doing the last part is exhausting. Doing it while pregnant is something I'm hoping I don't have to go through again.

I wish I had a picture to show you of my class today. It's interesting teaching 3 different grades at once because there are so many things you need to adapt to so that you meet everyone on their level. Once we get into the swing of things it won't be so bad but getting used to it is going to take some adjusting for all of us because it's the first time for most of my class as well. I certainly have some characters in there and my IA is amazing with the kids. We have a crier but that always happens when you have younger kids in the room. Shoot, it's happened with my 5th graders! The difference though is when I have a first grader crying and the third graders are able to console him and explain why he doesn't need to be crying. I'm not the one doing it. This child saw that his peers were able to reason with him rather than a teacher telling him he needs to stop. And the kids did a great job being polite and explaining. I heard things like "We'll all get a chance. Come over here and do this activity with me while you wait. Don't worry about it because there are other things to do!" That doesn't typically happen in a classroom with students of the same age. We also have one who is going to keep us on our toes. Pretty much all morning I thought this child was talking to other students and distracting them. Finally I sat down and observed him. Nope. He was talking to himself and rather loudly. And singing. In way it was amusing to watch because the other students didn't even seem to notice and just quietly moved away to give him space. I also have a king of schedules. He wants to know what happens when and any little change that's going to happen. The first day of school never runs quite how you want so it threw him off but he relaxed when I explained we would put up a schedule so he could see what happens each day. He even said, "I'm not a good writer cause I'm younger but could I pick an older kid to help me and I can help make the schedule for us and be in charge of it?" I was impressed with his maturity!

So all in all, I'm exhausted from the day but I enjoyed it. Enough to hope Monkey holds off so I can get my students through the first week of school. Now if I can figure out all of the Montessori stuff we'll be good to go. Here's to hoping I get all the supplies I need so I can really jump into teaching all of this! Nesting has taken control again. This time it's not just me. My husband cleaned like crazy today. Scrubbed everything I haven't been able to get to. I came home and even though I wanted to sit and relax I couldn't. I ended up sorting through boxes and found a ton of books and supplies to take into school. Super excited to start using all of them. If only I could get my hands on some chart paper so I can write my Morning Message!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Something to Remember

As panicked as I am about starting the new school year pregnant and with a new curriculum and teaching style I'm not totally familiar with, I have a huge sense of relief right now (I realize this is a poorly written sentence and do apologize). I could not have asked for a more supportive team, including my IA. Every year I wonder how I'm going to accomplish all the things I need to do before school starts, and every year things get left undone until the last minute. This year, even though I am learning a brand new teaching style, I feel supported and relaxed. We have a ton of missing furniture and supplies, no whiteboard or chalkboard, no coat hooks, no network system and a shoddy wireless system. What we do have is an amazing group of teachers, parents and IAs who are willing to pull together and create something amazing: a new school. And sometimes that's all you really need.

We had a training meeting today at another school so we didn't have a full day working in our rooms. I left after the training for my NST (which Monkey and I passed with flying colors!) and discovered that Monkey is going to take his sweet time getting here. On the way home, I called my IA who said she was still working in the room. I came home to plan and try to figure some things out for next week and for my sub. At 8:44 I got a text telling me that our room is ready to go for the Open House tomorrow. I am in shock and awe. Heavenly Father truly knows what we need and answers our prayers. As nervous as I was about taking this job, I am truly humbled tonight and know that there was a reason I was given this opportunity. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with or be around. It's not going to be an easy year and it'll be far from perfect, but I do know that with a staff like this, we'll have an amazing year! We're going to struggle and stumble because that's life, but we will be strong and happy. I am thrilled with the choice I've made to be at this school! I just cannot get over the support and help I have been given the last few days. I'm grateful that I can come into our classroom tomorrow and plan for the next week. I'm happy I can focus on my students for the week or two that I have before Monkey decides to show up rather than worry about setting up the rest of our room. And now it's time for me to get some rest so I'm ready for Open House tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One day down!

Officially 38 weeks today, and I made it through the first day of school. I feel like I deserve some kind of reward. Actually, might be better to wait for that reward until I make it through the first day of school with students next week! All the teachers seem to think I'll go into labor over the weekend and won't make it to the first day of school, but my child knows me. I'm sure he'll hold off until I teach at least one day so that I can meet my class. I didn't get quite as tired as I thought but by the end of the day I was certainly hurting. All I wanted to do when I got home was put my feet up and fall asleep. I've decided to reward myself with a pedicure if I get through the week.

What a change my new school is. Montessori is different than traditional schooling but there are so many parts that are similar, they just have different names. And the atmosphere is so much more focused on student learning and helping all students succeed not just working with those few students who need to get bumped up to that next level. That's one of the things that appeals to me about this teaching and learning style. Getting a school off the ground is hard work. I basically have next to nothing in my room except for the Montessori supplies. We don't have a lot of furniture nor do we have storage in our rooms. So if anyone has a table or cabinets or anything like that they would be willing to donate, let me know! We could use it. We also don't have things like construction paper, big rolls of paper, markers, die cut machines or any of those things I took for granted at my other schools. I have to figure out how to make bulletin boards without a bulletin board. Tricky situation. However, I have an amazing IA who worked at the other Montessori school for the past few years. She is a lifesaver. I know Heavenly Father put her with me for a reason. She has been so much help the past few days with guiding me and getting things we need for the room. I am in love with this school! I know it won't be easy by any means since it's a new school and we don't have a lot of things, but it's going to be worth it. I feel like this is night and day from where I was before. I was terrified to walk in this morning but I was sad to leave this afternoon. I haven't felt like that in a long time. Everyone is so supportive and helpful.

So here's my picture from today at 38 weeks. This is after the long day of school: Excuse the mess in the background. Neither of us have gotten to the laundry this week. We went to the doctor yesterday for a growth scan because my OB felt like Monkey wasn't growing enough. He wanted to check everything out and make sure the pregnancy was going well. So we went to the high risk OB yesterday afternoon. Had the scare of our lives when he tells us that he'll be doing an ultrasound and taking measurements and then if the baby is growth restricted, he'll send us to the hospital right away for an induction. Yeah that freaked us out! All I kept thinking was "Monkey you had better be big enough because I want to at least meet the staff at my school tomorrow morning!" Luckily all is well and he's measuring about 7 pounds 2 ounces. So we have a feeling he's going to be a big baby! Unless he decides to show up this weekend. He's down very low right now so they said he's ready! We got  to watch him to practice breathing on the ultrasound which was really cool to see!

Well, I'm sitting here on the couch making my list of things I need to get accomplished at school tomorrow. I just need to figure out what I'm going to teach next week as I introduce these students to Montessori. And as I figure it out myself!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Counting down the days

Til school starting that is. I mean yes I'm counting down til Monkey gets here but school starting is a lot closer than that. I go back next week for training and time to set up my room. I can't believe how fast this summer has gone by and that I'll be going back to school 38 weeks pregnant. I'm a little scared for that one. I want to enjoy the next few days and relax as much as I can because I have a feeling I'll be exhausted by the end of next week getting things set up and ready. This is going to be an adventure that's for sure! I'm getting nervous about adjusting to a new school, new room and new teaching style but I am really excited. I figure there's a reason Heavenly Father made sure I got the job and he knows this is what I need. It'll be a challenge but at least all of us are new so that helps. This has been an interesting summer for sure. Two Spanish classes, lots of spur of the moment road trips with my hubby and tons of ice cream. I'm sure I'm keeping the ice cream places around here in business.Between my cravings and hubby's cravings, the places here know us by name I think.

And counting down the days til Monkey comes. I'm feeling quite large these days. Actually I'm feeling huge. My back is killing me along with my hips and everything else. This should be interesting teaching and living on a few hours of sleep. I guess it'll be the same when I have the baby. But I'm so excited for him to get here. I'm busy getting the last few things on my list, and I would like to say to all of you, when someone has a baby and they have a registry, please buy things on it. Yeah clothes are cute and we love them, but Monkey has enough clothes that I won't have to wash anything from 0 to 3 months. Not joking about that one. I think I got maybe 5 things off my registries. So grateful for the things we did get because they were much needed. Now I need to buy bottles, a pump, storage bags, stroller etc. So Monkey needs to stay put until I can get the rest of the things we need for him. I also need to get the car sear installed but that can't happen until my boxes get put in the school. Feel free to tell Monkey to stay put at least through next week. That would help me out a ton. in the meantime, I plan to relax and rest the next few days until I go back to school. I'm certainly going to miss my mid-morning naps. My house is almost clean and ready to go but I need to get on the cooking so I have lots of food in the freezer. Cooked up some yummy chili and hash brown casserole which are frozen and ready to heat up after Monkey gets here. I'm planning other things to throw together as well. Crock pots are a wonderful invention. I shall be posting pictures next week when I start back at school so you can see the classroom and how I look. Granted I think I feel a lot bigger than I actually am. I will be living in skirts and dresses until Monkey comes I think.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Decisions and Choices

Ok so today was my 36 week appointment and I got a "gift bag." This is the 3rd gift bag from the office and while I'm grateful, today I was a little taken aback. First of all, Monkey is great. He is totally head down which is a relief cause he's been breech for awhile now and not wanted to flip. Luckily my crazy contractions aren't doing anything as of yet so it looks like I'll be starting school on the 21st. It will be interesting to be that pregnant and getting a classroom ready. I have lots of people willing to help me out though so that's a good thing. Doctor also said I have amazing blood pressure (yes I know I'm incredible!) and asked if it was ever high. Thank goodness it never has been at least to my knowledge.

Anyways onto my purpose for writing this. Let me make it clear I'm not saying my choices and decisions are better than anyone else's because that isn't the case. We all get to make our own decisions, and I think we should support each other no matter what those decisions are unless it's something that will clearly put a child in danger. We all have our own reasons for doing something when it comes to our children. I respect your advice, I will listen to your advice, but it doesn't mean I have to follow it and that doesn't mean I'm ignoring you or I think you gave bad advice. All it means is that at this time, I'm choosing my own way in this and if something comes up, I will certainly remember your advice and ask for more if I need it.

So in my "gift bag" is seven containers of formula. I swear we now have every single kind of formula that exists. Three kinds of Similac, two kinds of Gerber and two of Enfamil. I didn't even know that much formula existed. Hubby was shocked as well. I told the nurse I planned on breastfeeding and she proceeds to tell me that I got the formula because I'm going back to work and working moms can't breastfeed. Nope. Don't think so lady. That's the reason why I'm buying a breast pump. She kind of laughed at that comment and said good luck. My wonderful doctor came in and looked in the bag and goes "wow you got a lot of formula in there." I explained what the nurse said and he pulled her into the room. He said no one had the right to say those things to me in that manner or to try and make up my mind. She was shocked and said we didn't understand but he sent her away. Thank goodness for that doctor today!

I know all kinds of people have different opinions on this and that's great. We all get our own opinions. If you want or need to use formula great. That works for you and I respect that. Me? I want to breastfeed. Do I think it's going to be a walk in the park? Not at all. I know there are challenges, but I also know the benefits and want to help Monkey as much as I'm able. Do I know for sure pumping at school will work? No I don't but I'm going to do it and go from there. I would give anything to stay home with Monkey this year and not have to worry about pumping except for here and there but that can't happen with us right now. I do know women who breastfeed don't always get the support they need so I'm doing my best to try and build up a support group now so I have people I can talk to when I get frustrated and not sure what to do. I read through everything in my "gift bag" and just had to laugh. All the formula companies put in pamphlets and booklets entitled "Breastfeeding Basics" or something along those lines. They then proceeded to tell you how to wean your child off breast milk for when you go back to work. It actually made me sad. I'm not perfect, and my decisions aren't for everyone. I'm not suggesting they are by any means. Guess what? If I need advice I will ask for it. I promise. If I need help, I will ask for it. If I don't always follow your advice, I still love you. Yes I'm planning to breastfeed and yes I'm planning to use cloth diapers. Will it be easy? Chances are probably not. But it's what we want to try at least for right now. If it works great! We've saved a ton of money. If it doesn't? Ok so we pick up the pieces and move on. But it helps to be informed about all sides of something before you make a decision and before making assumptions. As my husband says, we can't all be perfect all the time and that means we don't get to judge anyone.

I know this was a bit of a rant but it was needed for me today. On a happier note, I get to take my boxes to the new school next week and begin planning my classroom. Usually by now I have a good idea but I've been too consumed with Monkey to think about my room. Gotta get on that!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weird Day and Baby Shower photos

Well, today was supposed to be a normal day. I wanted to go to a cloth diaper store and get some covers and Snappis, buy some Chick-Fil-A, make quesadillas and relax. Apparently, the universe had other plans in store for me. Monkey has been causing me to not want to eat lately to the point that I have to force myself to get down even one meal a day. And when I want to eat it's strange things. Woke up this morning with an overwhelming urge to eat sugar. Anything with sugar in it. I was telling myself nope, eat some yogurt, fruit, eggs anything but my body and Monkey wanted sugar. We're talking fruit snacks, M & Ms, brownies, you name it. The thought of anything else made me ill. I did hold off and not eat all those things thank goodness. I think I would have regretted it if I had given in (don't worry, I'll give in to the cravings later in this post). However that meant I didn't eat anything.

My little sister took pictures of my baby shower this past weekend. I asked her to email them to me, and she said it would be faster and easier if I just came over and we put them on my computer. In theory, yes it would have been faster. In practice, not so much. Mom tells me to hurry up. It was about 10 and I was in the middle of watching Craft Wars from last night. Yes I do have my priorities :) A show about crafting was far more important to me. Finished the show, got ready and left. Well, I probably should have listening to my mom. What is normally a 5 minute drive to my parents' house ended up taking almost an hour. As I drove by the elementary school in the next neighborhood, I was a witness to a crazy car accident. I ended up having to stay until the police got there, took my information, took my statement and all kinds of other things. Let me just say it was hot and humid outside this afternoon! The man who got taken to the hospital will be fine but I would like to share that as soon as the ambulance pulled up and the police, they saw me and came running over to check me. I had to explain multiple times that I wasn't involved in the accident, just a witness but it's nice to know they were so willing to make sure the pregnant lady was ok. By the time I finally got to my parents' house I was exhausted and finally hungry for food. So the cloth diapers will wait until tomorrow. I did get my Chick-Fil-A, and I was impressed by the number of people there. The drive thru line was insane and inside was just as crazy. But they had pretty fast service I have to say. I did give in to the sugar and got some chocolate chip cookies along with my salad. So that makes it balanced right? Now I'm relaxing and planning the quesadillas my husband will have for dinner. I'm not hungry at all.

So here are some of the pics from the shower!
This was the diaper cake Mom and Mylissa decorated. Gotta give my mom credit for finding a plain one online!

I love this sign Mylissa made!

And here we have a basket of goodies. I really dislike my picture being taken at the moment.

Mom made a bunch of cute books. Everyone laughed at The Rainbow Zebra, however I think it's excellent!

William and Karen got us this and it's my husband's favorite piece of clothing!

They also got us this great monkey bank which is awesome!

And these are the two sock monkey cakes. The monkeys are now in the crib and the cake is in our stomachs. 

So all in all it's been a slightly crazy time. I'm hoping to get to the store tomorrow to get the diapers I need and then do some more relaxing. I also have one more week left of class and then a little break before school starts. I can finally get into my classroom next week so I'm excited to move all my boxes. I love free help!