Thursday, August 30, 2012

Miracles and prayers

Well, little Monkey was born yesterday. I woke up to go to the bathroom around 4am and got back into bed having a few contractions. Didn't think anything of it because well, that had been happening every time I went to the bathroom at night. I rolled over and suddenly discovered we would be leaving for the hospital right away. I've never seen hubby move so fast. I thought I wouldn't want an epidural but well, I'm a wimp. I should have known since I can't handle any pain at all. But let me tell you, that epidural made it great! I felt amazing. Ask my mom or hubby. They thought I was crazy considering all the pain I was in earlier and then I was smiling and joking. Pretty much up until I had to push. So Monkey was born and is seriously the cutest baby ever! We are thrilled. We got to our room around midnight with Monkey and I fed him. He was up pretty much most of the night crying and wanting to eat. He stopped when we held him though. The nurse came in close to 9 am to check on him and told me she needed to take him to the nursery because his breathing was too fast and his temp was low. She said it was normal and he might just need some time to warm up. They called to our room an hour later saying they needed to feed him a bottle because his blood sugar was too low. I went to feed him while hubby decided to nap. When I didn't come back in 30 minutes he came to find me. I got there and it turns out the NICU doctor was called. Monkey's sugar wasn't going up and he refused to eat. They took him to the NICU and hubby and I proceeded to freak out. Luckily when they let us go see him an hour later, he looked totally different. Monkey wasn't crying and he was totally relaxed. Plus his color was better. The hard part is seeing him hooked up to all the IVs and machines. He still doesn't want to eat but his sugar levels are great right now. As soon as he starts eating we'll be able to work towards getting him home. It's so hard to see him like this but we know they're taking care of him. We go home tomorrow and will be spending our free time here with Monkey until he comes home. Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers. We really appreciate it. My family has been amazing coming to the hospital and bringing food and helping us to stay busy. Natalie and Elvis are great at getting us food and just checking in on us! There are so many of you we need to thank! We will keep you posted on his progress. One good thing: He's the biggest baby in the NICU and the only full term baby they have right now.

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