Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Counting down the days

Til school starting that is. I mean yes I'm counting down til Monkey gets here but school starting is a lot closer than that. I go back next week for training and time to set up my room. I can't believe how fast this summer has gone by and that I'll be going back to school 38 weeks pregnant. I'm a little scared for that one. I want to enjoy the next few days and relax as much as I can because I have a feeling I'll be exhausted by the end of next week getting things set up and ready. This is going to be an adventure that's for sure! I'm getting nervous about adjusting to a new school, new room and new teaching style but I am really excited. I figure there's a reason Heavenly Father made sure I got the job and he knows this is what I need. It'll be a challenge but at least all of us are new so that helps. This has been an interesting summer for sure. Two Spanish classes, lots of spur of the moment road trips with my hubby and tons of ice cream. I'm sure I'm keeping the ice cream places around here in business.Between my cravings and hubby's cravings, the places here know us by name I think.

And counting down the days til Monkey comes. I'm feeling quite large these days. Actually I'm feeling huge. My back is killing me along with my hips and everything else. This should be interesting teaching and living on a few hours of sleep. I guess it'll be the same when I have the baby. But I'm so excited for him to get here. I'm busy getting the last few things on my list, and I would like to say to all of you, when someone has a baby and they have a registry, please buy things on it. Yeah clothes are cute and we love them, but Monkey has enough clothes that I won't have to wash anything from 0 to 3 months. Not joking about that one. I think I got maybe 5 things off my registries. So grateful for the things we did get because they were much needed. Now I need to buy bottles, a pump, storage bags, stroller etc. So Monkey needs to stay put until I can get the rest of the things we need for him. I also need to get the car sear installed but that can't happen until my boxes get put in the school. Feel free to tell Monkey to stay put at least through next week. That would help me out a ton. in the meantime, I plan to relax and rest the next few days until I go back to school. I'm certainly going to miss my mid-morning naps. My house is almost clean and ready to go but I need to get on the cooking so I have lots of food in the freezer. Cooked up some yummy chili and hash brown casserole which are frozen and ready to heat up after Monkey gets here. I'm planning other things to throw together as well. Crock pots are a wonderful invention. I shall be posting pictures next week when I start back at school so you can see the classroom and how I look. Granted I think I feel a lot bigger than I actually am. I will be living in skirts and dresses until Monkey comes I think.

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