Thursday, August 9, 2012

Decisions and Choices

Ok so today was my 36 week appointment and I got a "gift bag." This is the 3rd gift bag from the office and while I'm grateful, today I was a little taken aback. First of all, Monkey is great. He is totally head down which is a relief cause he's been breech for awhile now and not wanted to flip. Luckily my crazy contractions aren't doing anything as of yet so it looks like I'll be starting school on the 21st. It will be interesting to be that pregnant and getting a classroom ready. I have lots of people willing to help me out though so that's a good thing. Doctor also said I have amazing blood pressure (yes I know I'm incredible!) and asked if it was ever high. Thank goodness it never has been at least to my knowledge.

Anyways onto my purpose for writing this. Let me make it clear I'm not saying my choices and decisions are better than anyone else's because that isn't the case. We all get to make our own decisions, and I think we should support each other no matter what those decisions are unless it's something that will clearly put a child in danger. We all have our own reasons for doing something when it comes to our children. I respect your advice, I will listen to your advice, but it doesn't mean I have to follow it and that doesn't mean I'm ignoring you or I think you gave bad advice. All it means is that at this time, I'm choosing my own way in this and if something comes up, I will certainly remember your advice and ask for more if I need it.

So in my "gift bag" is seven containers of formula. I swear we now have every single kind of formula that exists. Three kinds of Similac, two kinds of Gerber and two of Enfamil. I didn't even know that much formula existed. Hubby was shocked as well. I told the nurse I planned on breastfeeding and she proceeds to tell me that I got the formula because I'm going back to work and working moms can't breastfeed. Nope. Don't think so lady. That's the reason why I'm buying a breast pump. She kind of laughed at that comment and said good luck. My wonderful doctor came in and looked in the bag and goes "wow you got a lot of formula in there." I explained what the nurse said and he pulled her into the room. He said no one had the right to say those things to me in that manner or to try and make up my mind. She was shocked and said we didn't understand but he sent her away. Thank goodness for that doctor today!

I know all kinds of people have different opinions on this and that's great. We all get our own opinions. If you want or need to use formula great. That works for you and I respect that. Me? I want to breastfeed. Do I think it's going to be a walk in the park? Not at all. I know there are challenges, but I also know the benefits and want to help Monkey as much as I'm able. Do I know for sure pumping at school will work? No I don't but I'm going to do it and go from there. I would give anything to stay home with Monkey this year and not have to worry about pumping except for here and there but that can't happen with us right now. I do know women who breastfeed don't always get the support they need so I'm doing my best to try and build up a support group now so I have people I can talk to when I get frustrated and not sure what to do. I read through everything in my "gift bag" and just had to laugh. All the formula companies put in pamphlets and booklets entitled "Breastfeeding Basics" or something along those lines. They then proceeded to tell you how to wean your child off breast milk for when you go back to work. It actually made me sad. I'm not perfect, and my decisions aren't for everyone. I'm not suggesting they are by any means. Guess what? If I need advice I will ask for it. I promise. If I need help, I will ask for it. If I don't always follow your advice, I still love you. Yes I'm planning to breastfeed and yes I'm planning to use cloth diapers. Will it be easy? Chances are probably not. But it's what we want to try at least for right now. If it works great! We've saved a ton of money. If it doesn't? Ok so we pick up the pieces and move on. But it helps to be informed about all sides of something before you make a decision and before making assumptions. As my husband says, we can't all be perfect all the time and that means we don't get to judge anyone.

I know this was a bit of a rant but it was needed for me today. On a happier note, I get to take my boxes to the new school next week and begin planning my classroom. Usually by now I have a good idea but I've been too consumed with Monkey to think about my room. Gotta get on that!

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