Saturday, September 1, 2012

Loving our Monkey

Here's little Monkey. We've spent most of the day today and yesterday in the NICU with him and he is adorable. He's making progress but very slowly. When we got there this morning, they took him off all IV fluids so he's getting nothing except the bili lights. Problem is. his sugar levels won't stay up now that he's off the IV. He has to have 3 draws over 55 and he gets close but not quite. I hate seeing them stick his heel cause it makes me so sad. Hopefully when we go back tonight he'll have a good draw. He does eat but he can't keep up the numbers. I wish we knew why. It's so incredibly hard to see him in there. Luckily there are some great nurses who have been helpful. We get to hold him for a little while and today the nurse put the bili blanket on him and wrapped him so we could spend most of the afternoon holding him. He loves snuggling with us but hates eating. That's the biggest problem. He just chills out the minute he gets a little bit of food in him and goes straight to sleep. We love him to death! I cannot stand leaving the NICU and as much as we know we need rest, we would rather be over there. It's so hard leaving him every day. We're praying he gets better quickly so he can be home with us!

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