Monday, September 3, 2012

Just Another Day in the NICU

As sad as it is, we're getting the hang of the routine going to the NICU every day. I wish I could stay all night and the nurses would be thrilled I'm sure but that's impossible with hubby's schedule. He needs to work and I need to be with Monkey. Luckily, hubby didn't work over the weekend so we got to spend lots of time in the NICU. All the nurses know us by name now and know when we'll be there in the mornings. Monkey has some amazing nurses, and we have grown to love them. I wish my baby could be at home with us where he needs to be but I know the nurses are taking great care of him while we're at home resting. It takes us forever to get to sleep because we miss Monkey. We spend time looking at pictures of him until we finally fall asleep. I usually get up to pump once or twice in the night too which means even less sleep. At least I'm able to to rest.

We got there a little later today because they have rounds from 9 to 10 on Mondays so we were able to get a little extra sleep. Showed up around 11 expecting to feed him at noon. Turns out they put him on a four hour eating schedule (which I'm not happy about because he wants to eat smaller meals than what they give him) so he didn't eat until 2. We held him all wrapped up in his lights until he woke up to eat. The nurses are always reminding us to eat as well. For me, not a problem. I'm starving every time I pump. I go through a ton of water as well. The doctor checked his bilirubin this morning and the levels stayed the same so she ordered another test for this evening. We left after we fed him to come home, eat and rest. Came back to the hospital around 5 to get ready for his next feeding. As we were feeding him the doctor came over to tell us that Monkey's bilirubin has gone up so he won't be home tomorrow. I am incredibly crushed right now. I miss my baby so much and it breaks my heart to leave him every night. I swear I won't sleep when he comes home because I'll be up all night watching him. So will hubby. We fight over holding him in the hospital because we don't get to hold him for very long at all. And all my hormones make me have a meltdown when we leave. At least it's good for milk production? I mean it is for mine anyways. They put Monkey on a bili bed so he looks like he's tanning. He hates it though because he loves being swaddled and they can't put blankets on him while he's in the bed. We'll post pictures of him in the bed tomorrow.

Poor guy has been through so much. The doctor is hopeful his levels will start to go down and he can come home Wednesday or Thursday. He gets another check tomorrow morning. If the levels go down, they'll take him off the bed and lights then test him again tomorrow night. As long as that goes well, he'll be able to come home even if he may need a bili blanket. And now for your enjoyment, pictures of Monkey:
Daddy was burping him (once I showed him how) and Monkey let out a huge yawn!

Daddy showing off Monkey's bili lights! I love how it's all glowing. Monkey was trying to take off his mask!

This is how we get Monkey to take the last of his milk. Dad has to do it. He starts to fall asleep with me once he has his fill and Daddy always has to get him to take the last 10-15 mls. 
I'm glad you can't see how bruised his feet are in this picture. His foot is so tiny! I was playing with his foot to wake up him up and finish the last of his milk.
Monkey is our hero! We love him so much and can't wait for him to come home! I want to take pictures of his tiny feet and hands before they get too big!

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  1. He is absolutely adorable. My prayers are with you both and soon he will be coming home so you can be together as a family!