Saturday, September 8, 2012

Home at Last

After just about a week in the NICU we finally got to take Monkey home Wednesday evening. I am so happy to have him here with us. It's exhausting and I'm worried about going back to work in a few weeks but it's a relief to have him where he belongs. It was bittersweet to leave the NICU, and I feel for the families we met who have to wait weeks and months to take their babies home. The nurses were happy to see us go and all day Wednesday nurses who took care of Monkey were calling there to see if he was getting discharged. They all want pictures!

Our little boy doesn't like his bassinet and loves noise while he sleeps. I need to get used to the noise! Hopefully that will change. He wants to be held while he sleeps and I think part of that is all the time he was alone. He is super serious and observant. The only time he cries is when we change his diaper or he's hungry and we didn't catch it in time. Even at night when he doesn't sleep he fusses a bit until he feels us touch him and then he just looks around watching everything. I would do the same if I had a mask covering my eyes for almost a week!

I'm still pumping and hoping he catches on to nursing soon. He does try and today we had a good session where he did great! But it wears him out quickly. I'm hoping to change that with new bottle nipples so he gets used to working.

Daddy loves his baby and comes home from work ready to play. It's cute watching them together. They love each other a ton! Hubby is great at changing diapers and clothes! First diaper change was a little tricky but he has the hang of it now except last night when Monkey peed all over everything! Hubby caught it just in time tonight so I was impressed. We are catching on to the whole parenting thing and it's fun!

Now for some wonderful pictures. I figure I can overload my blog instead of facebook :)

Last day in the NICU. Finally free from the blankets and wires.  I got to hold him all day. 

Trip to the doctor on Thursday. Monkey was 7 pounds 10 ounces! Yay! And no worries about bilirubin!

Monkey loves his chupon! It's how we make it through diaper changes!

I love his sweet smile that he gives when he's asleep or passing gas or pooping. The boy is the king of pooping and gas.

Monkey with his favorite aunt! Well, with the aunt who loves to take pictures of him. His other aunts haven't had the chance to spend much time with him yet.

Me and Monkey relaxing! His favorite position on mom.

Look at him move! He has great head control.

Snuggling with grandma! And wide awake.

Monkey and Daddy together.

Daddy kissing Monkey. Super sweet!

This is how we spend most of our time with Monkey.

Our happy family! Home at last!
Monkey with grandpa. Both of them were sound asleep! 


  1. I am his favorite aunt! lol. And that picture of him with dad is so cute!