Sunday, June 10, 2012

What was I thinking?

Tomorrow is the last day of school for teachers. I'm happy the school year has come to an end with all the chaos that has happened this school year both there and in my life. However, it's always bittersweet. I will honestly miss all of my students this year. My class was wonderful and we had some great times. Onto the title of this post. I was thinking of a nice relaxing summer with just my two sessions of Spanish class. Then I made a decision that changed all of that. I decided to go on a job interview for an internal transfer in May. I'm not sure what was going through my mind at that point other than I was unhappy and needed to make some changes. I certainly didn't know if I would get the job especially being pregnant and due at the beginning of the school year. I learned that Heavenly Father knows what He's doing and He knows what we need even when we think we're just making crazy decisions. I ended up getting the job! If it was just switching schools that would be easy. But I don't do things the easy way. Ask my parents, my husband, shoot, ask anyone who's known me for more than five minutes! I'm helping to open a new Montessori charter school and I'll be teaching 1st - 3rd graders Spanish. Do I know much about Montessori? Well, I wrote some papers in college, and I've done some research on it but that's the extent of my experience. Either the people who hired me are crazy or they have a lot of faith in me to pick it up quickly. I agree with the basic concepts so I'm excited to see how it all comes together. Now, we have me switching grades, subjects, schools and you think that would be all right? Nope. I just started another class for my masters. It ends in August pretty much right before Monkey is due to be born. So now I'm hoping that he stays in for that long and doesn't decide to come early otherwise I'm in big trouble. Add in two sessions of Spanish class (for which there are still several openings so contact me if your kids want to join!) and I have a pretty crazy summer. I have to somehow schedule in some time to relax and set up Monkey's bedroom. I'm hoping all of this happens. Plus I decided to set some cooking goals for myself. First on the list is pancakes. I'm hoping to create a good recipe for s'mores pancakes. I've read several but they don't quite match what I want to accomplish. My husband enjoys being my guinea pig since it means he gets more food. While I ponder my recipe, it's time to finalize topics for Spanish and eat some watermelon since Monkey wants some fruit. If only I could find some good jicama I would be all set!

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