Thursday, May 31, 2012

Meltdown of sorts

So I really am enjoying the pregnancy thing. Really I am. What I'm not enjoying are all the crazy hormones and reactions that come with it. Today is a case in point. I go to Facebook and I have friends with very different views than me. Wrong? Of course not, that's the beauty of free agency and it makes life exciting. Do I comment on their posts when sometimes I really want to tell them what I'm really thinking? Nope cause that would be rude. At least in my opinion it would be rude. To them, apparently not. So I just delete their comments from my wall. You would think people would learn that we all have opinions and it's ok to express them. If I post something it's because that's how I feel so chances are, I'm not going to agree with a comment you make in contrary to this. Does it make either of us a bad person? I should hope not. Heavenly Father lets us decide for ourselves how we will live and the choices we make for a reason. Basically, I don't express my political opinions very often on Facebook because of the reactions of certain friends. I've decided it's time to ignore those friends and take them off because they clearly aren't helping me to become a better person if I get upset every time I see something they post or a comment they make. Guess what? I hate our immigration laws. They suck! And not because I think we need to build a wall or deport all the illegals. I think we need some compassion. I see this first hand in my own life. And if you think that makes me a bad person then so be it. I'm fine with that. I think I should be allowed to stay home with my new baby and not worry about money for a few months. I'm not talking permanently but when the wife is the one with health insurance for the family and doesn't have  paid maternity leave, something seems wrong with our country. Yes you have to draw a line but not everything in life is black and white. Would be nice but it isn't. See? That's why I'm different. I don't pass my views to my students at school even when politics does come up since I teach government. That would be wrong. It's not my job to share my views but it is my job to help them be informed and not choose sides when I teach. Why can't we all be a little more Christlike and love each other regardless of our opinions?

So don't be surprised to suddenly start seeing my views a little more often on here. And if you don't agree, that's fine. I don't expect you to. But don't start an argument. Or don't read it. Your choice.

Oh and the next time Bruster's runs out of my favorite ice cream right as I get in line, I will cry. Just like I did tonight. And I freaked out the poor girls who work there but it's ok. They did tell me it would be there tomorrow so I will be there right after school to get some. And hopefully the person in front of me doesn't decide to get the last of it. Cause I want my Graham Central Station. Seriously.

Didn't mean to rant and rave but I needed to. And I feel pretty good. There's a lot more I could say but I'm going to shut my mouth now and behave like a good girl. Meanwhile I need to figure things out for my class that starts next week.

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  1. Hahaha, you cried over ice cream? I love it!!! That is something worth crying over. Forget the jerks and eat more ice cream I say!