Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monkey's room and my baby bump!

So I sort of have a bump. As in it kinda looks like I'm pregnant. I wish I had a bigger one honestly cause then people would know I'm pregnant. But a bump is a bump right? I'm hoping I'll have one before this little guy is born. It would be nice to look pregnant instead of just feeling it.

So it's kinda there. I need to figure out how to take a better one but that's the best I have for right now. Today was a totally crazy day. I really need to take it easy and drink more water. Ended up calling the doctor and they said I'm having contractions. Ummm I'm 23 weeks and having contractions? Yeah not cool. So I'm sitting on the couch with my water and relaxing. I think typing up my paper at the last minute did it to me. We go tomorrow for another scan of Monkey aka Keith. Hopefully he'll move around and let us see his kidneys. If not, I have a plan. A student gave me dark chocolate covered cocoa nibs today and Monkey enjoys them. Everytime I had one, he started moving like crazy. So that should do the trick. Or the 7 bags of Twizzlers I now have! I never realized I'm a Twizzler addict until kids started bringing them in for Teacher Appreciation Week. Well, I knew I was addicted but I've gone above and beyond!

So since my husband didn't have work today, he painted Monkey's room. Now all we need is the crib and a dresser and Monkey is set! The room is beautiful. We painted two walls dark brown like a monkey of course, one green and the other a cream color. I took two pics so you can see the walls but we'll get some better ones once we have more things to put in the room. We have our monkey clock but I need to hang it back up and get that in the shot. It matches perfectly so a big thanks to my wonderful team! The items on the glider are gifts from a sweet friend! So you can see the really cool green I picked out but I only got one wall since of course it's green and Ruben prefers blue. But green matches a monkey and blue doesn't so I win :) I can't believe how fast the time has gone!

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