Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And for your viewing pleasure...

May I present: Monkey's nursery! Well, most of the nursery. We still need a dresser and I want to add some more decor but the crib is up and I even made a handpainted sign by myself!
This is the crib with the sign I made. Light is bad right now since the sun is shining in the window.

Here's the crib with two amazing blankets. The one on the top was made by  friend at school and the other in the crib by my fabulous mom!

This is as crafty as I get! I bought wood letters and a monkey along with a wood block and painted them to match the room.

Here's the crib right after we put it together last night. 

And our yard sale glider. One downstairs would be great but I'll make due with one for the moment :)

There you have it! Monkey's bedroom. I have some cute little things I want to add but that will have to wait. Now I need to clean up the bags that are in there. Well, I'm off to enjoy cheesy hash browns and leftover chicken! 

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  1. How fun and cute!! Make sure that when he's teething you get the rail guards or he might eat up the wood on the crib like mckenza did!