Sunday, July 15, 2012

Maternity Shoot

So the fact that we have a baby arriving in a few weeks is finally sinking in. I think I've been kinda in denial up until now. Well, not really denial but I haven't fully processed what it means to be pregnant. The more Monkey moves around in there, the crazier it gets. I'm so excited for Monkey to finally get here so we can play with him. Nervous? Yes I certainly am however I know that there's so much to look forward to! I think my hubby is excited as well. He's totally ready for it because he has yet to feel Monkey moving inside. Everytime Monkey starts moving and hubby puts his hands on my stomach, Monkey stops. It's like he's playing a game with daddy.

I'm feeling incredibly pregnant right now. Exhausted and big. The hardest part is not being used to all the weight. I will say it's different. I've spent the last few months not looking pregnant but then a friend of mine came over yesterday to take maternity pictures. And looking at them, yep I am pregnant! And that's a good thing. The best part? She even convinced my husband to get in the pictures! I was shocked that he went along with it. And very happy. It was a great time actually and I can't wait to get the pictures so that I can put them up! I don't want to post anything without her permission but if you go to her website: and check out her blog, there are pictures of me on there. And on Facebook as well. I'm 33 weeks on Tuesday which is incredible! I'm going to the doctor every two weeks now and it feels like I'm always there! But it's not bad cause at least we know Monkey is growing. Makes up for going to the bathroom every five minutes and getting stuck in bed and having leg cramps. Well, Monkey must know I'm writing about him because he's kicking and moving like mad. Which means I have heartburn again. Have a fabulous evening all.

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