Monday, April 9, 2012

And we have...

A baby boy! It feels so real now even though it was real before. But today watching the baby on the screen was pretty cool. And let me say, my child has some moves! Stayed in a V position the whole time but waving those arms and legs like crazy. So now all the planning and stuff starts happening. Hubby can start painting and I can start decorating! And we get to register. Here you get to see his cute little face with a nose just like hubbys! And the bottom one lets us know that yep we got a boy!

Well, I need to start cooking again soon and post some recipes. Made some cute cupcakes for us to celebrate with. I make them intending to share but we end up eating them between the two of us! So life is good but now I go back to teaching tomorrow since Spring Break is over. I wish it didn't go so quickly. It's a long time until my next holiday break!


  1. Hooray!! Boys love their mamas!

  2. A much fun!! :) I'm so happy for you!