Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fitting In

The joyful Open House was tonight. I never would have considered myself popular by any means in high school however I did have plenty of friends. After tonight's Open House, I'm learning more about me. I talked to people  in every group almost in school. Tonight, I made a connection with every parent in my classroom. And these parents are all quite different. I guess I'm more of a drifter than a person who stays with one group. You know what though, that's a really good thing. It lets me talk to lots of different people and get along with all of them. Not a bad skill to have.

However, it does wear me out quite a bit. I think I'm socially drained after tonight. I need to be isolated with just my husband for a day or two. Not that I try to please every parent or say what they want but I noticed that I did what I used to do in high school. Instead of changing myself for other people, I share with each person or group the part of me they need to see. Sad thing, not all people get to see all sides of me. Good thing, I can have things in common with tons of people. Thankfully, my husband gets to see all sides of me. Not very many people do I'm noticing. I guess I'm pretty picky about who I share all of me with. But it's a good thing I share all of me with my amazing husband. It is draining only sharing part of you with certain people. Sometimes I feel like I have to be on guard all the time to make sure I won't act in a way to upset someone.

But the parents were wonderful and I'm looking forward to another great year!

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