Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fishing and Marriage

Yep this is going to be about fishing. Actually about fishing and marriage. Yes I've only been married a month, but I'm learning a lot. I know most of that is thanks to the mission. Living with a person for 18 months will do that to you. I mean, when you can only be apart to go to the bathroom, you gotta learn how to compromise. Otherwise, you're miserable until your next companion. Like seriously miserable. And you're with that person day in and day out. Like a marriage but more intense.

Anyway, back to the analogy here. My husband loves fishing. We're talking beyond love, it's almost an obsession but it brings home some extra food! And it makes him happy. He comes back so relaxed and calm. So I say "more fishing!" I however am not a huge fishing fan. Not sure why. I think it's the fact that you put a worm on a hook and that worm lures a poor fish (which I have no problem eating) into a trap. Then you pull the poor fish out of the water and gut him. Pretty violent! It kind of scares me to put the worm on the hook actually. But whenever my husband decides to go fishing, guess who gets roped into going? Yep yours truly. I'm learning to enjoy fishing but I have to say it's not number one on my list. Why do I go then? Because I love him. This is something that makes him happy and after painting houses all day and coming home exhausted, I can grant him this one request. I don't always go but 9 times out of 10 I'm there with him. Maybe I'm not actively fishing but I'm enjoying the look on his face as he catches fish after fish. Or as he just sits patiently.

Well, a few weeks ago I actually caught 2 fish! Quite the exciting time. However, catching a fish makes you think it's always going to be easy to catch them. Not so. That's where they get you! And where I get bored. We went fishing today since he worked so hard all week. Actually it was a gorgeous day. Not too hot at all. Cloudy and perfect. I brought my book along like always. Halfway to the river he looks at me and asks if I really want to be with him and the nephew fishing. Ummm yep honey I do. Today I really do. And I did. I meant it. I fished for a little bit and caught one yay! But then I climbed on a rock to enjoy my book. Well, the rain moved in, luckily for me a drizzle, and I stuff the book in my shirt. My dear husband looks over at me and goes "well, I guess you think we should leave now." I told him I was fine to stay and wait it out. I was fine. I finally saw the river and fishing the way he sees it. Beautiful. Nope we might not always catch fish. And it might rain. But it's amazing to observe nature and just relax. I don't think we do that enough in this world. I sat there singing hymns and reading. And just enjoying the beauty of nature. I have to say it was the best fishing trip ever. Really and truly. Now I know to just wait for those wonderful moments. My husband is right. You have to be patient.

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