Thursday, August 18, 2011

More cooking adventures

Well, my time before school starts is winding down faster than I thought possible. I want another week. Please? Someone, anyone? Guess that won't be happening. Instead of going out today and doing possible errands, I decided to be extra lazy. I stayed home and slept in a little. Gave me some time to plan food for today. I love lazy days like this because I can sit and ponder about the world.

I had the urge to cook today. I know, again. I enjoy cooking but I don't always find the time to do it. Hopefully my husband realizes that me cooking isn't going to be a habit once school starts. Otherwise he will be sadly disappointed. In my quest to find something to cook, I ended up reading a bunch of craft blogs. I think I'm officially hooked on these things. So if you know of any good ones, feel free to pass them along!

Lunch time came and yet again I cooked up a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. It's quickly becoming my standard dish. Good thing hubby isn't home to see me make it. He might go crazy! I'm fine eating the same thing every day. He however is not. Since we have all these great tomatoes in the crisper, I need to use them. I'm grateful we have them because I've been craving tomatoes lately. Lots and lots of delicious tomatoes. The best way to make them in my opinion is to cut them into big chunks, put on a little salt, a drizzle of Italian dressing and some mozzarella cheese! Perfect and fresh. If I had basil in the house I would add that. I make a huge bowl of that!

My husband came home early today yay! He was busy digging through the kitchen looking for food. I don't always buy snacks because if I buy them, I eat them. Bad plan! Hence, I start looking for recipes. He comes out to the kitchen as I'm busy hacking into the block of brown sugar. Yep. It turned into a block so I was chopping it with a knife so I could microwave it and use it. At the same time, I'm melting butter in a pot and putting powdered sugar in a bowl. Poor guy looks around and says "Que vas a cocinar?" Apparently, he didn't take note of the dessert ingredients and assumed I was going to make dinner or something. Well, any dinner that has sugar sounds good to me. Nope. I made peanut butter fudge! My family I know can picture this all too well. I decided I was going to be good and set out all the ingredients ahead of time. In the process, I figure I can start melting the butter because it will take a little while. That was the mistake. Butter melts a whole lot faster when you try to do other things. Good thing he left the kitchen at that point. Because that's when I start running around like a mad woman! Grabbing the brown sugar and dumping it in the pot with the milk. Then it starts to boil faster than I think. Another bad plan because at that point, I can't leave it alone or it'll burn. So I'm stirring the pot with one hand and putting peanut butter into a measure cup with the other. Miraculously, I don't get burned, and I get everything mixed together perfectly! The fudge now sits cooling in the fridge! And the kitchen is cleaned! I've got to work on this whole timing thing when I cook or there might be some big accidents soon!

I was going to go off on a parenting rant, but I'll save that for another day. Right now I'm busy singing hymns. "Conmigo quedate Senor, la noche viene ya" One of my favorites. Enjoy these last few days before school everyone!

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