Monday, August 22, 2011


Today was the first day back without the kids. Let me tell you how my day went: I'm eating Chocolate Seduction ice cream. Does that tell you anything? I can also barely keep my eyes open.

I sat in meetings all day long which is typical the first day back but I forgot how long and tiring it is. I have laundry I have to get done today as well but I don't know if I'll stay awake to finish it.

On the plus side, I walked into my room today expecting to move around filing cabinets, desks, chairs etc. But nope. The custodians did all of that! I just need to rearrange the desks! It's wonderful actually. Downside: every year I promise myself I'm going to get organized. And every year, I end up throwing everything in cupboards at the end of the year. So I was running around like crazy today searching for everything I needed. I need to write myself notes or something at the end of the year so I remember where everything is when school starts again! That would be a good idea. Still trying to figure out what I want to put on my bulletin board to welcome back students. If you have any thoughts, feel free to let me know.

We got curriculum updates today which means planning is a little different than normal. Not to mention the fact that I still don't have my class list. Very sad actually about that one. It's a little hard to plan when I don't know how many students will be in my class. Apparently we're looking at around 30 in our homerooms. Which means I'll have 26 in my Language Arts class. It's a lot but somehow I'll make it work out. I just want names so I can make name tags and set up my grade book.

So much to do and so little time before next week. I pray I can get everything finished in time. I'm thinking about reworking some things this year for my classroom. Hopefully it'll make everything run smoother in class. I hope anyway.

Time for some sleep so I can get ready to do it all again tomorrow. Hopefully the county decides to give me an id badge. Life is very difficult without it.

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