Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm in denial right now about the fact that summer is almost over. I hate that feeling when everything starts to wind down. One more week left for me until I go back to school to set up my classroom and get things ready for the new school year. Normally, I've gone in at least once by now. This year due to some things at the end of the last school year, I've held off on going back as long as possible. In fact, I'm pondering waiting until Monday morning. Yep, my room will be utter chaos compared to the other teachers but I want to enjoy my week. If I can possibly talk my husband into going with me tomorrow to move all the heavy stuff, then I will but that's it. No thinking about school until Monday morning. I feel the need to cram so much into this week. I need to get my fun before it's back to grading papers and planning lessons. I love that by the way, don't get me wrong! But there's something about summer that just lets you be free for a little while. Part of me is saying hey hold up! Just relax this week. Which is what I did today.

My husband and I had our niece and nephew over for a sleepover last night. They crashed around midnight and I was up and up and up and up. Til like 4am. The whole time telling myself, go to bed, you only have a week left, you want to sleep in. Maybe that was part of the problem. I only have a week left so I wanted to stay up. I don't think I've stayed up that late since college, and I probably wasn't doing anything fun then either! But I watched my husband, niece and nephew sleeping. It was amazing. This morning, we woke up and didn't do anything. I made waffles and we ate in the middle of the blankets and pillows on the living room floor. Then we ended up going to Adventure Playground. Came home and fell asleep again. It doesn't sound like a very exciting day but snuggled up together falling asleep is wonderful. My husband says he's feeling lazy today. I don't mind at all. We're watching Bugs Bunny right now, and I'm content. Estoy feliz y tranquila! I need to learn how to enjoy relaxing and being lazy. I feel guilty for doing it but really and truly it's a good thing once in awhile. We need to build back up for the week to come. In my case, the school year to come.

Now it's off to the kitchen in a few to make huevos y jamon. I think I might throw in some tomatoes just cause I can!

Hasta mañana,

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