Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yep the title is in Spanish this time. It's kind of like a guessing game for all of you. And it amuses me! Cause my brain works in both languages, at the same time. It means sometimes really strange words come out of my mouth. And people in my dreams who only speak English in real life (like my parents), speak Spanish. I'll admit it sometimes makes my head hurt and I forgot what language I'm speaking but it's worth it because of the people I've gotten to know.

It's been a crazy few days. Crazy more in the mind sense rather than in actually doing things. School starts soon and that means all those things that I put in the back of my mind to ponder during the summer have to come to the front. Like what my classroom is going to look like this year. I've gone through 5 or 6 plans this summer and think I've finally found one I like. I need to figure out the projects for the beginning of the year. I need some new things but I'm keeping some of the old ones as well. And which novel to start with at the end of September. I may have to run to the supply closet and grab Esperanza Rising simply because it's a wonderful book. And even though the main character is a girl, the boys seem to enjoy the story just as much! Plus I can bring Spanish into the classroom which is even better. There are so many other things I've done this summer to get ready for the year that I wonder if it can even count as a summer! I read all the Black Eyed Susan nominee books for elementary school thanks to the librarian at school. And I wrote a summary for each one. That's gotta count for something right? It's like I even did homework over the summer!

So I'm wrapping up the summer tomorrow and I'm sad. Really and truly sad. But I'm also excited for a new school year and a new class of students. Hopefully my students haven't heard any bad rumors about me. And if they have, like I give too much homework, that's fine. They'll be pleasantly surprised when they see what it's all about in my classroom. I tried explaining to my husband how exhausting the first two weeks of school are. That's when I realized I'm dealing with a painter. He looked at me as though I was speaking Greek. Then says "Well, I work outside and inside and deal with crazy people all day long. Plus I never know what my schedule is going to be each day. How is being a teacher harder than that?" Clearly I will be getting no sympathy from him this school year. Maybe when he sees the mountain of work I bring home to grade and the projects I plan (those were kept from his eyes when we were dating because they were at my house, not anywhere near him) then he might come to understand. I'm hoping to talk him into grading papers on his days off! Still not sure how that will work however. It can be good spelling practice for him to grade the spelling tests. He can learn new vocabulary too!

Well, tomorrow is going to be a great Sunday! I'm coming back home as a wonderful friend put it the other day. It's going to be exciting to be in the Monocacy Ward again. I don't know how long we'll be there, but I'm excited for the new adventure. And so is my husband even if he is a bit nervous and worried about the whole English thing. Tomorrow is also the Great Food Truck Race!


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