Wednesday, September 14, 2011

There's no "R" button

I realized at the end of the day at school that I've been a day ahead somehow. And that was really depressing to me. I thought tomorrow was Friday. What a disappointment to find out that nope I still have two more days left. I think the real disappointment is the fact that my allergies have kicked into overdrive and quite possibly have given me a cold or something on top of it. My poor husband has to deal with a congested, cranky wife. I do apologize to him for that. But he's been so patient about it! I even got a back rub last night when I headed up to bed earlier than normal. He followed me, read a chapter from The Book of Mormon out loud and then rubbed my back. What a sweet guy I have. I felt bad waking up early today because it woke him up.

Being busy with school and grading papers has caused me to get creative with meals. Not only that but it's made me wonder what we can do to speed up dinners around here. I like cooking but I like taking a long time. I have quick meals but we both like those meals that take a little more work to do. They taste good! But we make it work. He actually made dinner the other night when he didn't have work. That was a shock! And he makes good food!

Back to the "r" button. Someone today got upset because they were trying to solve a problem with a calculator and couldn't find the right button to get the answer. He got louder and louder and finally threw down the calculator saying "Why can't I find the "r" button?" Here's the problem: 21/r = 7. He couldn't find the "r" to do the division. Rather than ask for help, he just shouted out his frustrations and gave up. How often does that happen to us in life? We want the answer right away, and we have all the tools but don't know how to use them. We get so close but then that "r" button stops us from getting to a solution. If we just take the time to step back and calm down, the answer will be there. Maybe we need to use different tools than the ones we think. Heavenly Father never leaves us alone but we might have to work a little harder than we want or expect in order to find the right answer. So the next time you get frustrated or annoyed because you can't find the "r" button, take a step back, ask for help and look at everything you have!


  1. Great insight on the "r" button! We're so focused on expecting the answer to appear in one place that we are shocked, upon stepping back, to discover it is in a completely different place! I love it!

  2. loved the blog post!! That made me think :-) On the cooking dinners faster, I don't know if your ward has been doing any of the frozen dinner thing. I've never done it, but they put dinners together and then freeze them. I'll have to look more into it but it would probably be very helpful for you since you're super busy and then tired when you get home. I'll ask some sisters in my ward what they've done in the past, but I know it would help you a ton :-)