Sunday, September 18, 2011


I learned something new today about my husband and his family. Something I totally have taken for granted all these years. Think for a minute how old you were when you learned about S'mores. How often have you enjoyed them? Was it at a summer camp? Girls Camp? Boy Scouts? Camping trips with your family? Or somewhere else. I think I've known about S'mores since I was little. Like maybe 5 or 6 (my mom will correct me I'm sure if I'm wrong). The sweet yummy goodness of graham crackers with chocolate and marshmallow has been in my life for a long time.

Tonight I discovered my husband and his family had no idea what they were! I had the pleasure of teaching them about S'mores and watching their faces light up as they experienced that goodness! It was pure accident by the way. His brother invited us over for carne asada this afternoon so we were busying enjoying the delicious meat! About 7, my husband looked at me and told me we should get some marshmallows to roast over the grill. So I said oh you mean with chocolate and graham crackers. He says yep take Bella and go get marshmallows. Well, apparently my Spanish isn't as good as I thought or it was a big misunderstanding but he didn't hear the part about chocolate. My sister-in-law and I end up at the store, and she gives me a funny look as I grab chocolate and graham crackers. I was like ummmm didn't he ask me to get all of this. She says "No tengo idea de lo que quieres hacer" That was when I realized she didn't know what S'mores were. I explained them and she looked at me like I was crazy but said she wanted to try them.

Back at the house, I pull out the bag of goodies all excited and my husband just looks....confused. He had no idea either. I looked at everyone and asked them if they knew about S'mores. Nope not a single one had ever seen or heard of them! Bless his heart, my husband told me to tell him what to do to make them. So we start assembling the S'mores. And can I just say watching his brother eat one was exciting for me! His eyes lit up and he was excited. All of them were actually. Yep hubby thought I was crazy at first but one bite and he was hooked. So now I have a new job at their house as the S'more maker!

It made me realize there are simple things I enjoy and take for granted but other people have no clue about them. What a thrill to share S'mores tonight. You might think I'm silly for posting about this but it was a big deal for me tonight. I mean I love desserts and S'more are amazing. How sad there are people out there who don't know about them. It's now my mission to teach the world about S'mores!

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