Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The story of a masters degree...

Or in other words: How I became forced to get a masters even though I probably don't have the money to pay for it. So yep. I have to get my masters by 2015 according to my school district. Plus side: I get a "pay raise" that I haven't seen since before my mission. Down side: I have to spend money we don't have. But after talking to a representative last night I learned there's a scholarship available for my district. I'm praying I get it but if I don't then somehow something else will open up. Gratefully I get reimbursed for tuition but as I explained to the lady on the phone that does me no good if I can't pay for the first class. We think we can manage to swing it but it'll mean scrimping for a little bit. In the meantime I continue praying.

Did I mention that the application for the scholarship needs to be postmarked by tomorrow? Nope? Well, it does, and I found out last night. That poses a problem. Since I need my transcripts and those happen to be in Utah. I did what any responsible former BYU student would, go online and try to get into my Route Y account. Guess what doesn't work? My Route Y account. This was being done at school during my planning periods while trying to plan a lesson on Multiple Intelligences for tomorrow, grade papers and run around like crazy. The nice lady on the phone showed me how to reset my password and it still didn't work. Finally we got it so I could have my transcripts emailed to me.

That should have been easy right? This is me we're talking about here. If you've been following my blog at all you realize nothing is ever as it seems. I like to leave work at 4 or as close as possible since I get there at 7:10 most mornings. That means leave school not leave work because that always comes home with me in my big bag! Well, by the time I got the transcript ordered, the kids were coming back into the room. Did I mention they earned an extra long recess for have 20 days of either 100%  attendance or no card flips? Which meant no break time for me. And we have bus duty this week. So I get back to my room at 4 and since I don't have a printer at home, I ended up staying at school. I thought printing it out would be easy. Nope they sent me the file and I had to open up another website to download it. Then I had to request a special code to be emailed me to open up the next website that would open up the transcript so I could print it. And my email at school doesn't always like to work too fast. Well, I got the code, put it in the box and Adobe Acrobat shuts down so the transcript won't open. All this time I'm thinking, is it really worth the hassle to apply for this scholarship? Then I realize the pay increase will be nice, not to mention the fact that I can take classes again. So it finally opens up and I get everything printed. My husband just read over the essay I wrote and it's good to mail off tomorrow. Granted having someone who speaks Spanish as their first language read over an essay written in English may not be the best idea but it's all I had at the time, and I trust his judgement.

So now we wait and see where this road will take me. My already crazy schedule is about to get even crazier but it'll be worth it right? Did I mention that we're also trying to get pregnant right now? So that could throw even more fun into the mix. I think I'd better get in all the reading I want to do between now and December 7th cause I won't have much time for it after then. But I always did like reading textbooks. Except for Stats 221. One textbook I truly don't think I ever read. And you can tell from looking at my transcript. I realize my GPA for classes in Elementary Education is so much higher than all the Gen Ed classes I had to take. Those weren't fun. Although I know I made roommates jealous by some of my finals (passing out hot chocolate at the Testing Center for a final, writing a story, putting all the papers from the semester into a binder and turning it in), I don't see them teaching kids about the Revolutionary War or the Mexican Revolution.

I promise I'm going to put in more pictures. Just as soon as my sister teaches me how. I think next time I'm writing about the joys of the fair. And I'm making tinga on Saturday so I'll include pics. Come to my house for the RS broadcast on Saturday so you can have some yummy Mexican tinga!

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