Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Squirrels and other fun animals

I wasn't actually going to make a full on dinner tonight cause it's cold and rainy and I don't feel like doing much of anything to tell the truth. But I got a text from a friend asking if I had a quick recipe for tortillas. And it made me feel guilty. She's pregnant and has a little one so I thought if she can make tortillas then I can make something for us. So I did. I thought hey let's just do some tilapia from the freezer and broccoli. Well, then I decided I should make salsa and cucumbers with sour cream. It dawned on me that my mom is right. I now use lime in everything. Well, not everything, but it seems that way. The tilapia had lime and chipotle on it. Then I put lime with the cucumbers and the broccoli. Only the salsa didn't have any but I did but it on top of the broccoli and the fish. So I'm a lime addict. Blame my husband. He's the one who taught me!

What my husband doesn't know is tomorrow we're having potato soup. If it's going to be cold and rainy, I might as well enjoy it by making soup. We also have potatoes from my grandparents garden we can use!

Speaking of grandparents. My husband got to meet part of my dad's side of the family this weekend. What a brave man my husband is. We made the long drive to West Virginia, and he kept asking me who was going to be there and wanting to know about the food. I forgot to bring chiles for him to eat along with the food so nothing was spicy. However he did get to try squirrel for the first time. So did my brother's fiancee. What an experience that was. We all had a good laugh getting them to eat it. I remember growing up, I just thought it was chicken and no one ever told me until I was 12 or 13 that it was actually squirrel. That was a big surprise for me! My husband thought it was funny and a little strange that we eat squirrel. I just reminded him that he eats lengua and menudo. To him the squirrel is worse.

The rain had better stop this week or I'm going to have to get very creative in my classroom to keep the kids occupied. Indoor recess is never a good thing and when it might happen for a week or more it's even worse! So give me your best ideas for getting out energy in the classroom!

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  1. Thanks for the recipe. It was an interesting attempt...I only made 6, which turned into 3 quesadillas (pinto beans, cheese, seasonings, and green onions in the middle). The tortillas were really quite sad, but at least my husband liked the resulting taste. :) Good first attempt, eh? My little one liked picking out the pinto beans, but did eat some of the tortilla.