Sunday, September 11, 2011


My little brother got married yesterday. I feel so old. Granted, I got married two months ago so it isn't saying much. But still he's my little brother. I think as much as I cried yesterday, I'll cry even more when the baby gets married. She claims it'll never happen but I say otherwise. It was a beautiful wedding and reception. They made 300 jars of jam as favors and I have to say that no matter what my husband says, the peach is my favorite. We actually had toast when we got home last night just so we could enjoy the jam. Although, we were also the only people at the reception to open our jam and eat some while we were there. We were hungry and it was good! Hey it gave my dad a good laugh and that's all the matters right?

Ok we just got lovely thunderstorm that is interrupting my recording of Cupcake Wars. It had better stop before the Great Food Truck Race or we might have some problems.

Thinking about the wedding had me remembering all the crazy things my brother used to do. Well, he still does crazy things but he's grown up thank goodness. It also brought me back to ten years ago. None of us will ever forget where we were that day or what we did. I can still tell you everything I did that day and everywhere I went. Or rather didn't go. My husband is the same way. It's sad to think about still but if we don't think about it and don't remember, then it could happen again. Teaching Social Studies and History, I tell my students that if they don't learn about the past, then they won't be able to stop bad things from repeating themselves. We have to accept and recognize the past, move on but never ever forget. Don't forget what happened that day or where you were. Not only that but remember how you reached out to others and helped. That spirit of service will help us to stay close to each other. When we're serving, it's a lot harder to dislike people.

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