Friday, January 13, 2012

Life is a wonderful thing

Should I be at school? Yes I should, and I'll be heading there shortly. Had a half day today so I could go to the doctor. I got to see the most amazing thing today. A heartbeat. You might ask, what's so amazing about a heartbeat. Well, let me tell you. Heartbeats are what help us to live. And what help other people to live. Like that wonderful person growing inside me right now!!! Sitting there during the ultrasound I just started crying. It was so incredible to realize that I can have this little person. Yeah I'm not that far along right now but we saw a heartbeat and everything looks good. I go back again next week to see how things are going. Ruben and I are so incredibly blessed right now. Heavenly Father loves each of us and has blessings for us in His time. Modern day medicine is wonderful! Here's to lots of hope, faith and prayers that everything continues working out and we have a lovely little baby to welcome in September!

Mi amor got a wonderful birthday present today. A picture of our baby! Hopefully it's the best birthday present he gets :)
That little tiny circle has our baby in it! I'm nervous about all the changes this will bring but super excited about it! It's so cool to see all of this happening! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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