Monday, January 23, 2012

Almost two months down!!

So my wonderful husband went with me to my ultrasound today. It's incredible how much our baby has grown in just a week and a few days! Although I can certainly feel the effects  as waves of nausea hit me oh every five minutes :) It'll be totally worth it in the end. I think Ruben was expecting to see something a little more shall we say baby like but he still was excited! Today I got to "graduate" from Shady Grove and start seeing my regular OB next week. Super happy about that one. I still get to take progesterone yuck. But it's helping the baby and that's the important part. Not much has happened this week except we finally got some snow and ice. Would be nice to have a real winter but I'm not complaining too much! So I leave you with our little bean!
I'm measuring 7 weeks 2 days although technically I'm almost 8 weeks. But the heart rates was 148!

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