Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Piratas del Caribe and pretzels

Yep that's the title for this post. Because I'm learning to change some of my Christmas traditions and add new ones to the mix. Like new holiday movies my husband likes (I'm now addicted to The Family Stone), new foods (tamales anyone?) and celebrating on Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day.

My wonderful husband had the day off yesterday and again today. Well, he was hoping to go fishing one of the two days and it just didn't work out for him. Instead, he spent the day yesterday putting up Christmas lights outside. We had already put them on the bushes but not the rest of the house. I had a very long day at work yesterday and then an appointment for my hair. Didn't get home until around 8 by which time he had called 4 or 5 times to make sure I hadn't died! Actually, he wanted his hamburger from Burger King so he was dying of hunger. As soon as I got near our street, I literally screamed in excitement because I saw the lights. It seems silly but no one else on our court puts up lights so they were like a beacon shining for me. And knowing that I got to sleep in a whole hour today due to a doctors appointment I was excited.

I bought the Smurf movie and the new Pirates movie last weekend for us to enjoy in the little free time we have. And we did enjoy Smurfs twice this weekend. Once in Spanish and once in English. Last night he decides to put in Pirates since we knew we could sleep in a little this morning. Yes I speak Spanish and yes I read it and write. However, it doesn't mean I always understand everything in movies. I got the Smurfs no problem. But the language in Pirates is a little more sophisticated. So I think I lost half the movie. I'm going to have to watch it again in English at some point so I can truly appreciate Johnny Depp's voice. Hearing it in Spanish just isn't the same. Old people that we are, we turned the movie off at 10 so we could go to bed. Finished it today after the incredibly long doctors visit. Which was also excellent. We feel much more on track and happier with what's going on in our lives after that appointment. I'll be explaining that more in future posts if all goes according to plan. Hubby has decided to make the Pirates movies a tradition at Christmas. ummmmmm Not sure if those are Christmas movies but hey whatever works right?

I decided to add to it by making chocolate covered pretzels. I couldn't go simple of course. I decided to make some cute plain dipped ones and then I upped the ante. Spread some peanut butter on those, sandwich them together and dunk it in chocolate! To die for!  I mean it! You need to try this. And they look cute so I have something else to add to the Christmas goody bags. Plus they go great while watching Pirates! The only downside of today was not finding cornstarch or unflavored gelatin. Seriously? I went to 3 stores and no one had them. Not only that but I was given weird looks by people who worked at all of the stores. I think I need to look at new stores. I am determined to make these marshmallows and cocoa mix but I need all the ingredients in order to do so. I shall be pondering this while I sleep tonight.

I promise to post pics once I start baking in full force. Maybe if I share this blog with the parents of my students they'll forgive me for not getting any grades recorded this month! They can enjoy the recipes instead.

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