Sunday, December 4, 2011


I love December! Everyone is so much happier and people are friendlier. Plus my husband and I love listening to Christmas music. I think he started singing it in September. When I was driving to work the week before Thanksgiving, I heard them announce on the radio they were going to start playing Christmas music all day on Friday. I called my husband and he panicked because I never call on my way to work. Of course after I told him the news, he kept asking if it was Friday yet. So if you're in a car with us during this time of year, I really hope you like Christmas music. Cause when the commercials start on the radio, we switch to a cd.

This month always gets me thinking. It's the end of a year and time to look at ways to grow and improve. How can I become closer to Christ? How can I improve my friendships and relationships? What do I want to do in the upcoming year? I look at our Christmas tree. Yes It's a bit crooked. Well, more than a bit but it's beautiful. And underneath we have our Nativity scene. Christmas really is about Christ. I was in the MTC at the beginning of December in 2007, and read an article in the Ensign about reading a chapter from the book of Luke every day until Christmas Eve. That's something I've continued every year. It's a humbling experience to read about the death of Christ and His Resurrection the closer we get to Christmas. I think the miracle of Christ's birth was the fact that He chose to do this for us. He chose to be born and chose to die. At the same time, He had the power to be resurrected. And because of His birth, we are able to be resurrected. We are freed from sin by repentance. We can grow and learn. We have the opportunity to choose what we will become. So throughout this month, I'm going to be busy baking and busy thinking of Christ. I plan to find a way each day to become closer to Him.

If you live close to a temple and they have a visitors center, go! We're planning to go at least once this season to look at the lights, watch the Nativity and walk around. It brings a different spirit to the season.

I know I have a long way to go in improving but I plan to do it. I can't do it over night and I can't do it without help but I will do it. Through Christ all things are possible.

"Estos son dias de felicidad. Canta que viene ya la Navidad. Cuenta la historia de lo que paso cuando Jesus en el mundo nacio"

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