Friday, October 7, 2011

Wonderful Day

So I made chili last night. My husband told the guys he works with that he was bringing them lunch today and it would be chili. He didn't tell me this until he got home from work. Luckily, I still haven't learned how to cook for only 2 people. I still make food like I'm living with my parents and siblings. Funny because when I lived alone, I had no problem cooking for one person and having leftovers the next and that's it. Which means we had a lot of chili. I wish I had pictures of the chili because it was amazing. He called to tell me the 3 of them ate almost all of it! We're talking a pretty big pot of chili. And then tells me he loves me and thinks I'm wonderful. What a good man I have!

I find it interesting how hard it is for some men to say I love you. For me it's easy. I tell everyone I love you I guess. But my husband isn't that vocal. However, I do know he loves me. He mows the lawn. He even does dishes! So for that, I make him as he calls it, "la galleta grande." Or in other words, a pizookie. And I will make them everytime he asks. Because he can't eat it by himself. So I need to help!
The yummy pizookie before it's baked. I use an 8 inch cake pan for mine since I don't have a pizookie pan (hint for Christmas my friends!). Doesn't it look good?
After about 7 minutes in the oven it comes out. I guess I could have let it cook a little bit less. Then we have my favorite picture of all:
The final product. It took us about 10 minutes to eat the whole thing. It was amazing! And I plan to make plenty more of them. Everyone should enjoy a pizookie. It makes life so much more bearable!

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  1. most men don't usually say "I love you" out loud, lol they typically show it more than they say it :-) sounds like that's what your husband does! You've got a great man! :-)
    the cookie looks DELICIOUS!! I hope i can have the chance to make that one day!
    I was thinking as I read your blog that if you make too much food, you could maybe freeze it for another day :-) That's what we're going to try and do around here so I'm not cooking every night, and hopefully it still turns out great! just a thought, hope that helps!