Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pizookies, Soup and rolls

Another cold, rainy day here. I never ever thought I would be blogging about food but it seems I spend a lot of time doing that. Cooking is more of a hobby for me. I'm not amazing by any means but I enjoy doing it. So since the dear husband had to work again today and I was home watching conference, I decided to make a huge meal. I wish I had pictures but I'll do the soup pictures for you tomorrow I promise.

Conference was amazing as it always is. I find it interesting that there's always always something I need to hear. Newly married life is wonderful but there are some down moments. Especially when we're going through some challenging times. And both of us can be quite stubborn and think we know best. I guess I've always felt like I should always have the right answer. Well, news flash: I don't! I know shocking right? In this case, I do have the answer but from listening to conference, I can't force my will upon another person. Not only that, but I also have to keep that eternal perspective in mind. I know my husband will come to that knowledge eventually but right now it's frustrating. In the meantime, I continue loving him like always and know that mental illness is just that, illness. Right now I'm looking for support groups around here for myself.

So now that you all know more than you probably wanted, let's talk about my dinner plans! Hubby mentioned last night that I haven't made dessert in quite awhile. He's right cause we're both trying to lose weight but when I pointed that out he just looked at me like I was crazy. So I needed a dessert for today. But first dinner. It's cold here although it's supposed to be warmer later this week and I'm hoping that's true! I decided to go with that fabulous potato soup recipe I posted a little while ago. This time though I used four cheese instant potatoes and it made the soup even more amazing! Creamy and extra cheesy! But I also wanted bread and seeing as it's Sunday I knew I would need to make bread. Since I had potato flakes I decided to use a recipe a companion taught me on the mission. Rolls using potato flakes. You don't really have to wait for them to rise too much so it's perfect. They turned out amazing and soft! Then a pizookie! My poor husband got home exhausted from work and decided he only wanted dessert. Luckily this amazing pizza cookie mixes up really fast and cooks even faster! There are no pictures of that because as soon as I took it out of the oven and put the ice cream on top, my husband devoured almost all of it. Now he's asleep poor guy. I'll be joining him in a few moments as soon as the Amazing Race finishes.

Tomorrow you get to see pictures of the rolls and soup. Maybe I'll even mix up another pizookie just so I can take a picture.

Again, be patient with everyone and everything. Heavenly Father loves each of us and knows what we need and when we need it.

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