Monday, February 13, 2012

Gente de pantano

Yep you read it right. Today we're talking about Swamp People. At least I think that's what it's called in English. I've only ever seen the show in Spanish. This thanks to my husband. I find it oddly amusing that he enjoys this show so much. As in, every day he's asking, "check the tv to see if Gente de Pantano is on" Ummmm sure dear I'll get right on that for you. Although I'm now addicted to it as well. I'm blaming the fact that all of my favorite food shows I was addicted to now make me sick. That had better change in a few weeks however. I have quite a few saved on the DVR and I might run out of room before I see who wins Top Chef: Texas or watch the new episodes of Cupcake Wars and Chopped. I sound like a deranged lunatic I realize this but it's ok. I enjoy cooking shows except seeing food right now makes my stomach turn. Seeing other people eat food turns off my appetite. So for those of you who invite me to eat with you, I'm not being rude but I need to eat myself. And if I see you eat, I can't eat. No idea why but it grosses me out. I need to find some cooking shows where people aren't eating. Those I could watch.

I have a friend bugging me about my posts. I don't do enough right now! Sorry my dear! I need to get back on that I know but taking classes, being pregnant, teaching, tutoring and such have worn me out. I'm still not finished my homework that's due tomorrow. Luckily, it's all written up. I just need to type it into the computer. That's why I get to school early. So I can finish my homework where it's quiet and I'm not distracted by Gente de Pantano or Amar en Tiempos Revueltos. Or whatever other show my husband puts on the tv that suddenly seems way more interesting than homework. At least I can grade papers while I watch those shows. Now all the parents will understand if their child's work has random Spanish written on it. I was caught up in novelas.

This is probably the most random post ever but jumping ahead to tomorrow! Valentine's Day. Best part of teaching? You always get Valentine's even when your husband doesn't understand the holiday lol! I love him a ton but gifts aren't his thing and I know that. I think back to where we were a year ago and it's come a long way since then. Adjusting to medication and therapy, leaving the hospital and understand more about bipolar disorder. Now we joke and laugh and wait for a baby! I've been trying to plan a nice dinner for tomorrow that I'll be able to eat as well. I gave up and decided to plan a dinner he'll enjoy! Because my tastes change every five seconds. He doesn't even bother to cater to my cravings. His response: wait five minutes and then tell me what you want. Sure enough, something different. So I'm making lasagna something I can't stand but actually sounds pretty good right now, garlic bread and salad. Still at a toss up for dessert. That will be the surprise tomorrow! Be prepared (we all bust out into song from The Lion King). Humor me at least and pretend to burst into song :) Have a fabulous evening and hug someone tomorrow.

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