Thursday, February 16, 2012

Something has taken over my body!

And I like to call that something hormones. I've never had so many emotions and crazy thoughts running through my head all at once. Little things set me off and there are days when I'm afraid to teach just cause I don't know what's going to come out of my mouth. I'm doing my best to control this crazy temper and thoughts. Gratefully at school most of the thoughts stay thoughts. I'm amazed at how this tiny little baby has started to control everything about me. It's kinda creepy if you really think about it. I've been invaded by a monster although thank goodness the baby won't actually be a monster when it's born. And the baby isn't a monster now but it's making me act like a monster. Never have I had the desire to just quit work. Nope never. Not even when I had a chair thrown at me or when I worked in a really annoying office one summer. Until now. It's like all I want to do is sleep and relax and do my homework and anyone who gets in the way of doing that had better watch out. I found myself thinking of ways to make money without actually being in a classroom. I guess that isn't too crazy but the way the thoughts were and are racing through my mind are crazy.

I guess the crazy dreams could be to blame for the psycho thoughts. I mean when I dream my husband took me to a grocery store where you have to buy everything off the floor and all the cans and packages are opened and you scoop things up, that would make anyone a little crazy. I was disgusted and everyone around me kept looking at me funny for getting grossed out. That was a tame dream compared to the last few weeks.

Basically a creature is invading my body and I do apologize if I offend you or say something totally strange. It isn't my intention and I find myself crying afterwards wondering why I would say or think certain things.

And now back to my regularly scheduled work for class.

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  1. Hormones are the devil, but sadly necessary. Eat yummy food and shop for cute baby stuff. It's the good part. :)