Friday, February 1, 2013

Something unexpected

This post will be quite different from the last ones that were all about Keith. Today when I got to school, I experienced something that I have hoped I would never have to go through as a teacher. I've prayed for ten years this would never happen. I walked in the same time as my principal who proceeded to tell me there would be a meeting at 8:30 and to spread the word. Well, no one was there yet cause of the roads and he had me come into his office. I was told there was a fire at a house last night. I couldn't understand why he was telling me about this house fire in Myersville. Then he told me the name of the family and my heart broke. One of my dear sweet students was in that fire along with her 3 younger sisters and parents. She is going to be ok but has burns. Her sister in the class next to ours along with her 3 year old sister weren't so lucky. They are no longer here. I never imagined having to talk to my students about the death of someone in our school. Let alone the siblings of one of my students. All I've thought about is their faces yesterday before they left school. Today passed in a complete blur. I honestly can't tell you which students were at school today except for the ones who hugged me and had tears running down their faces. I can't tell you what I ate today but I know I did eat. All I can tell you is I hugged every student today before they left. Several times in fact. My IA and I have an amazing class. Their hearts broke just as ours did. Once they processed the news, they wanted to help. Every student was worried about their house, clothes, food, etc. It warmed my heart to see them care so much. And to see them cry and tell me that they felt so bad for our Morgan because they couldn't imagine how she felt to lose two sisters at once. Such understanding from children so young. I was amazed at the counselors who came to support us. Who stayed with our students when we needed to leave the room. I amazed that a school so small of only 5 classes was able to come together so quickly to help support this family. And how quickly the rest of the community pulled together as well. While we were holding it together with the students, parents and friends were busy putting together fundraisers and gathering supplies. I know we aren't going to forget this anytime soon and it's going to get a lot harder before it gets easier. I may some students come in Monday morning and be perfectly fine but I know they won't all be like that. Many of them will need a few more hugs. And many will need mom and dad to stay for just a bit longer in the morning before dropping them off.

So please hug your little ones just a little bit tighter tonight. I know I am right now. Keith will be snuggling with us a bit longer before he goes to bed at night. And if you pray, then pray for Morgan and her family. That's what will help us get through this.

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