Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Almost Christmas

It's hard to believe a year ago I was sitting here wondering if I was pregnant and getting ready to go back to Shady Grove for ultrasounds the day after Christmas. Now I'm sitting here watching my baby boy sleep peacefully (although it wasn't peaceful getting to sleep!). Amazing how quickly things change in a year. I still remember waking up Christmas morning and not really believing there was a line on the test because it was so faint. It sure was there the next morning though! And now I sit here not really believing Monkey is almost 4 months old. Sometimes it's hard to believe I'm a mom to such a precious little boy. He certainly can try out patience at times but he is so incredibly sweet and charming. He smiles at everyone and loves to giggle when we make faces. I can never forget the sound of his laugh. Monkey can light up a room!

The last 4 months haven't been easy but we've grown closer as a family for sure. Adjustments have been made and love has grown stronger. I'm getting really good at the morning routine and getting work done at school while pumping. Monkey has even charmed the teachers at my school! They all love to look at the pictures my mom sends during the day. She takes great care of Monkey, and he's so excited to go to her house every day.

Here's my stories for the month about Monkey. So he finally mastered rolling over after trying and trying for about 2 weeks. He got so angry that he couldn't get over and now he does it all the time and gets angry that he's on his stomach! He discovered the other morning as I changed his diaper that he can roll over in the middle before I get the diaper on. This is great fun for him! And the next story is Monkey attempting to come visit the school. My sister and mom had my car because my mom had an appointment. My sister dropped my mom off and brought Monkey to come pick me up. I was in the middle of getting students packed up and dismissal started when the kids tell my phone is going crazy. I had missed calls from the hubby, my dad and my sister! I call and it turns out my sister was outside of the school and accidentally locked Monkey in the car! Luckily, he was asleep or the whole world would have known! Also, hubby was on his way home from work so my dad was able to meet him and get the extra keys. We had a good laugh about Monkey's "adventura!" We went to the dr last night to check out his cold and while he's only gained a pound (up to 13 pounds 10 ozs), he has grown 2 inches!

School is incredible as always. I have no reason at all to complain. Sure I have some challenging students but I love all of them and the staff is amazing. As much as I miss Monkey each day, they make going to school worth it. I am learning so much and have come to realize that the way I'm teaching now is the way I have wanted to teach all along but didn't know it.

And now for the amazing pictures of Monkey :)
Sound asleep before church

This is our tree topper this year thanks to my awesome IA!!! She found a great ornament for Monkey!

All decked out in his Christmas suit!

Such a happy baby after very little sleep!

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